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About homeopathy

First, some history. Once upon a time, during his studies in medical school lectures on pharmacology, we were told that the method of homeopathy is based on the reception microdoses minerals and plants. That is, take the substance and dilute it to such an extent that it almost did not, and this homeopathic remedies treat the patient. And the same response from us and then demanded at examinations in pharmacology at the end of the third year.

And this information were put forward to us so that we could then understand only one thing - that such a microdose contained in water or sugar granules do not could do, as compared to the weighty material dose used in allopathy, these doses were very small. But as it turned out, they gave us then only part of the information, and in fact said nothing.

It was only when I myself began to learn homeopathy, discovered that we left something unsaid - the essence of medicine and the method is not that infinitely diluted some substance, and that during each cycle of dilution, the solution was repeatedly shaken by increasing (thus) energy source material with cavitation in the liquid. In this case, energy source materials has increased by tens, hundreds or even thousands of times, and it is called homeopathy potency homeopathic remedies.

In essence, homeopathy - a method of treatment based on the law of similarity - "like cures like". Opened it was Samuel Hahnemann in 1790. And yet, the great merit of Samuel Hahnemann in the fact that in addition, that he discovered homeopathy as a treatment method, it is one to understand and implement it in practice, how to make a strong and harmless homeopathic remedies, any substance from the world of plants, minerals and animals.

Moreover, the method proved to be universal, and it allows you to treat many diseases, provided that the selection for the treatment of homeopathic remedies corresponds to features of the human body, not just one or two separately taken symptoms, which previously were taken as a basis. Therefore, for treatment in homeopathy appointed not "anything" - headache, rash, or polyps, and the specific medicines entirely appropriate person.

In conventional medicine, the doctor makes a diagnosis of the disease, and in the homeopathic doctor makes the diagnosis medicine "until the seventh highest level (only 7 levels of diagnosis). At the same time - the usual clinical diagnosis of the disease, which pose a health center - meets the first level, the definition of homeopathic medicine on modalities - the second level, etc.

Homeopath the diagnosis on the basis of sensations appear due to illness, and symptoms of harassment at the level of physical sensations, that is, those signs of the disease, which is already there, and therefore, treatment may appoint, without waiting for results of additional survey methods.

Treatment can be performed at any age, including during pregnancy.

       Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor
       April 14, 2013

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