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Homeopath - a doctor with higher medical education, which is using the knowledge of the theory and methodology for determining homeopathic remedy - self diagnoses. Homeopath prescribes homeopathic remedies to treat - monopreparations as sugar pellets (not sprays, ointments or vials for injection).

Homeopath does not use any instruments, as well as an algorithm for determining homeopathic medicine requires a purely mental work, which can not be replaced by a computer program or any other electronic device. Mechanical comparison of symptoms and medication usually does not lead to a correct diagnosis, and the doctor can only offer a choice of a dozen or more homeopathic remedy, of which might not be really appropriate remedy. In this case, the doctor will have to choose from the one offered to him by the right homeopathic remedies, but to define it, homeopathy, these homeopathic remedies need to know (thousands of them), and if their doctor already knows why he tips the device?

Homeopaths on a story by the patient can be determined (for general signs of homeopathic remedy) - the kingdom, which belongs to the homeopathic remedy, and then to understand the family of plants or animals, or the structure of the atom and the group analysis method to determine the row and column of the periodic table of chemical elements and D. I. Mendeleev, which is the most suitable for the treatment of disease homeopathic medicine. And then using the knowledge miasma homeopath can only determine a particular representative of the already found a family or to calculate a suitable salt for the treatment of a chemical element. In my opinion, the homeopath must strive towards this and not depend on tips instruments or intermediaries in the form of computer programs.

Homeopath determines medication based on their knowledge every time «like new» for each person, as a particular homeopathic remedy for the same disease does not exist.

Homeopath - independent person, it does not work on a template, because it makes the diagnosis based only on the method of determining the homeopathic remedy and on the information obtained from the patient. Method for determination of homeopathic remedies does not imply a change in the diagnosis of the opinions of others, or «advice» devices.

Homeopaths the warehouse to his thinking does not apply to a number of iron (it like working on a template, and always in need of instruction), and often are creative person, able to move forward on their own, without prompting from the side. One of the counter-examples - all "uncreative" personality, I brought in library clinic under videos.

Homeopaths on his warehouse often refer to the mineral group - they all want to «sort through» and to reach the goal (essentially homeopathic remedies), as well as any mineral preparation. And given the fact that homeopaths are creative people - himself a homeopath will refer either to a number silver, or (more often) to a group of rare-earth elements - lanthanide.

For me the criterion of truth is not what is written about homeopathy in the encyclopedia, but how homeopathy helps the patient to get rid of the disease and regain health.

       Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor
       April 14, 2013

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