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Medical treatment by homeopathy

Treatment by homeopathy differs from the treatment of allopathic homeopathic remedies, so after the appointment of a homeopath to find the right medication and take it as recommended.

Must take exactly the potency of a homeopathic remedy (or rather the "degree of dynamization") homeopathic remedies, which has appointed a doctor, but not both. So do not take place six potential - 30c or 200c, as it may interfere with normal treatment. Instead of high-potency - 30c, 50c, 200c, 1000c (c1M) is sometimes possible to take a lower, but the therapeutic effect of such homeopathic remedies may be weak.

Gomeopatichesy If the homeopathic remedies must be taken daily, the doctor always points in the appointment. If it says that homeopathic medicine should be taken only once - which means that medication must be taken just once (rather than once each day). After that, the homeopathic remedies will have therapeutic effects on the body for some time - days, weeks, or months.

If during treatment appears that something that you can not understand, it is best to ask an additional question the doctor for clarification. For example, after the start of treatment the disease can not simply iszchezat from the body, but leave in this way:

- From the inside out
- Down
- From the bodies of more important organs to less important
- Rise in the reverse order

The treatment method of homeopathy can sometimes aggravate the condition, that before the treatment is long suppressed by allopathic treatment - thus, painful conditions have been modified and fixed in the body. Thus, after taking the medicine - "by themselves" can disappear panic attacks and headaches which appeared after a knee injury back another 20 years (if then his knee somewhat smeared ...), but at the same time, the time may come that same pain in the knee, which was before - 20 years ago. This means - treatment goes well and the disease gradually disappears from the body, as she had to go 20 years ago if it did not fixed or anti-inflammatory hormone ointment. And if it's time again to begin his smear, or take anti-inflammatory homeopathic remedies, the disease will not go away, and after a while panic attacks and headaches returned.

       Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor
       April 14, 2013

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