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Symptoms in Homeopathy

When patients are diagnosed in homeopathy (medicine diagnosis) account - Private symptoms, systemic symptoms, character traits, feelings, gestures during an interview (they are also very important). That is, the more common symptoms of the patient described, the more likely find the right medication. And if taken special symptom, for example - "I hurt", it says that somewhere in man that something hurts, but it only applies to part of it - a pain in the temple, in the maxillary sinus, in the joint. And in this case, we must at least know - the characteristics of pain (what it is like, what it depends on). And very little information content to determine the homeopathic remedies - is the diagnosis.

And more importantly, to diagnosis, common symptoms - those that take into account changes in individual symptoms. For example, the pain in his temples ameliorated on the right side and completely at rest. Or - back pain intensified in the morning after a long period of rest - that is, a night's sleep. Or stomach pain increased after each meal and decrease after a glass of hot milk ...

And for those who are unfamiliar with it, is characterized by questions such as: - "On Bryony said that she treats bronchitis, and I appointed her from cholecystitis ...?" Question from the perspective of the patient's true, but only at first glance, since, in fact, any homeopathic medicine can treat not 2 or 3 disease, and hundreds of different diseases. Why is this happening - it will be possible to understand a little later.

Bryonia - pain does not move - Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor The fact is that in homeopathy, but the concept of "partial symptoms" that match the value of the symptoms in conventional medicine, there is also a "general" symptoms, which can simultaneously treat bronchitis, arthritis, cholecystitis, headache, schizofrenii, various tumors, panic attacks, and another to the many other diseases. For conventional medicine - is unusual, but in homeopathy the symptoms are valued even more than usual, "private", which represent only a small part of the disease and to individual characteristics of the organism, almost nothing to do.

Here, for example, "common" symptom "deterioration of movement, pain at the slightest movement" or rather, it is sometimes a pain does not even move. It can be correlated - a painful cough with obstructive bronchitis, which is a cough motion, pain on movement in the joints when they are inflamed, the pain from the slightest movement in the right upper quadrant cholecystitis, worsening when moving eyes, headaches, pain on swallowing movements during inflammation myshschah in the tongue. As you can see different disease but a symptom is the same.

You can then specify another common symptom of the same medicine, "improvement of compression, pressure, pridavlivaniya, tight fixation of the affected part." And knowing this, you will notice that a man with a painful cough to relieve the pain will keep the chest with his hands, clenching, and fixing her with another man pain in the joints it will be tight bandage, capturing and compressing it, as in this fixed state, it is much easier to walk, a third for reducing pain in the right upper quadrant, it will be press your hands or go to the right side, the fourth in a headache, will pull it tightly with a towel, and so on.

It turns out that quite different in nature, the disease will be cured by the same homeopathic remedies with the name of Bryonia. And when you consider that these homeopathic remedies in hundreds of homeopathy, then just imagine what opportunities for treatment and cure of various diseases mnozhestvea. And if a person has long been concerned about the pain in the abdomen, or anywhere else, accompanied with general symptoms, 99% can be sure that he will Bryonia, even despite the fact that the diagnosis of the disease is not yet installed and the reason it is not clear.
    Cactus takes into account the contraction of the heart, as if it were an active contraction in the black hole Another example. Imagine a patient who is concerned about pressing or gripping pain in the chest, left arm of referred to the apparent worsening with exercise. I feel like saying: "angina", and once it becomes obvious that a person with this diagnosis when conventional treatment can not do without β blockers, nitrates, statins, kardiomagnila, calcium antagonists and other conventional medicine. On the other hand, until the patient takes them, and under their protection, we can think of homeopathy specimen cactus, which takes into account the pain radiating to the arm, the deterioration of physical activity, coronary artery spasm and other symptoms.

In one case, I appointed a medicine woman who was such a diagnosis. She began treatment without canceling nitroglycerin, and every Taking time after removal of the Cactus angiospastic pain. Attacks stopped after the third dose of this medicine. And to this you can add a description yet the fact that this homeopathic remedies has no side effects.

In another case, I assigned the same way when pressing and compressing the lower back pain, with a constant deterioration during walking. As can be seen, then observed the same symptoms, even if not in heart. For the treatment of this case took two weeks. And this, in the context of what disease before, tormented patient without interruption for several years, and no conventional medicine did not help her.

Lilium tigrinum Similar symptoms, there is a tiger lily (Lat. Liliut tigrinum), but in contrast to the self-contraction, then a feeling that would compress the heart with an iron hand, and it is bursting at the seams, and pain at the same time, gives his right hand. All this is accompanied by a feeling of pressure on the bottom, as if all the organs of the chest and abdomen were fixed down in order to fall out through the vagina. It must be a painful sensation. Plus, at the same time overcome persistent urging to stool and urine.

And therefore, rarely used homeopathic remedies, every time I remember one interesting case, when still working at the clinic. At that time, I was asked one patient with my site. By the time she was treated for many years with the nephrologist, on frequent bouts of renal colic, which in no way inferior to the means of modern medicine. And during ultrasound survey no pathology in the kidney not been revealed. At the same time, she noticed that while the pain in the left kidney, her exasperated every time a strong urging to stool and urine. That is to say, and then - the same symptoms Tiger Lily. And appointed her. After receiving the first dose of the granules, the attack subsided after half an hour. I remembered this incident because it has recently (April 2008) saw its together with her husband and she said that seizures since she was no more.


Latrodektus is poisonous spider, and also repeats the symptoms of angina, the pain radiates to the armpit and accompanied by a feeling of paralysis in his left hand, the entire surface of the skin is cold, people eagerly swallows air and afraid to stop breathing. Here's a picture. And therefore, for any illness, which will be accompanied by asphyxiation with eager swallowing of air and cooling the skin, Latrodektus will need medication either asthma, angina, fever, or something else.

As you can see, each homeopathic remedy, like any disease, has symptoms. They differ among themselves with details that need and decide to use one or another means. For each symptom, there is always the best, most appropriate in each case the homeopathic remedies. A number of symptoms in themselves a mine homeopathic remedies, over 64 thousand.

Symptoms may be related to physical ailments, character traits, behavior in society, the needs of or aversion to certain foods, favorite position during sleep, hobbies, and so on. In conventional medicine, on such signs are usually ignored. For example, disease after hypothermia from falling into cold water - this is one remedy, hypothermia from freezing "to the bone" - the second, and by soaking the feet - the third. Catarrhal conditions in the end may be the same, but they will be treated each his medicine, takes into account the cause of the disease.

Same thing with regard to yellow skin. In heart failure with an extremely rare heart rate - this will be one medication during pregnancy - the second, hepatitis and cirrhosis of the liver - the third, and after a heavy loss of fluid in the form of vomiting; diarrhea or bleeding - fourth.

Hypertensive heart disease with diarrhea and crises with a fever of excitement before a public speech - the first medication, hypertension with crises full, firm and rapid pulse, accompanied by the fear of death - the second homeopathic remedies, and crises are accompanied by loose stool, cramps in the calf and the cold sweat on his forehead - the third homeopathic medicine.

Increased appetite, evening, night, or after the stress, too, different medications, and I would not be surprised if, after their appointment cease to be ill neck pain during menses disappear, coughing, sweating, asthma attacks in smoke-filled room, chorea, and many more other features, accounted for these homeopathic remedies. Some medications (polihresty) describes hundreds of symptoms. This is how we can differentiate any symptom or sign, until you find the right occasion means. Whether it be smoking, obesity, diabetes, nocturnal snoring, deafness, fanaticism, the need for solitude or a thrust in the opposite sect, a complication of the flu, vaccinations, etc.

       Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor
       April 14, 2013

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