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Consulting a homeopath

This is important: published texts of the issues under consultation with the recommended homeopathic remedies in each case - not a guide to search for similar symptoms, medications themselves personally. This is just illustrative examples of what can be achieved with treatment using homeopathy.

Homeopathic i-clinic provides general recommendations for treatment by homeopathy chronic diseases. For treatment, I recommend only homeopathic monotherapies, which are available at homeopathic pharmacies.

In the case of acute infectious diseases - influenza, sore throat, a fever, etc. - Need to contact the clinic in the community.

Given that the questions in section free consultation asked a lot of the answers I give just a few of them. First, write the answers to questions that do not contain many spelling errors and abbreviations.

If the patient wishes to consult on a mandatory basis, it can always turn to me for getting personal advice fee (details on page contact).

Analyzing correctly written questions, often one can immediately understand, is capable of remedy will most likely help the patient. To ask a question correctly, it is better to write it in this order:
- If the cause of the disease - enter it (if the disease has appeared due to stress - what type of stress and was due to someone)
- List the major troubling symptoms
- Select among them the main complaint
- Check its features:
--- Character of pain (or what it looks like?)
--- What it depends on the symptom - the time of day, weather, body position, motion, etc.)

Not give answers to questions written by:
- With a lot of grammatical errors,
- Abbreviated (names of diseases, etc.),
- Written entirely in capital letters,
- Written in transliteration,
- Written by a continuous text, without capital letters at the beginnings of sentences, with no full stops and commas,
- If the message consists only of a list of diagnoses, medications taken before and test results,
- Containing only the name of the disease and the question - "whether it be cured?"
- If called incurable disease and they ask - "how to cure it completely? Or forever?",
- The questions raised are not on homeopathy and homeopathic remedies,
- To adjust the treatment designated by other homeopaths,
- For treatment designated by other homeopaths - "correctly or incorrectly prescribed treatment?",
- Or, for the simple reason that there was no time to answer all questions.

In order to understand why the recommended treatment for this or that homeopathic medicine is not enough to find a description of the homeopathic remedies in the directory (All these descriptions are incomplete), and the need to study the theory of homeopathy and method for determining the homeopathic remedies. In the discussion on "why this homeopathic remedies prescribed?" after treatment recommendations do not come.

Consultation on the chelating agents, hormones, or conventional allopathic medicine - do not give.

Treatment designated by other homeopaths are not corrected.

In the case of complex pathologies, when accurately determine the homeopathic remedies can only be analyzed a large amount of information (1-2 hours talk), so the patient does not lose time and could immediately begin treatment, I give advice to the start of treatment. A further patient has a choice to either accept the recommended homeopathic remedies for a long time, either contact me or homeopath in your area to conduct online consultations and more accurately determine the appropriate medication to him.

If patients abroad is not the Russian font, the message is in Russian letters can be typed with the mouse on the virtual keyboard - a full alphabet of uppercase and lowercase letters are on the form for typing.

All message should be written in one letter, not to divide it into 2 or 3 posts since I only write a response to the first message.

Subject should reflect what is written in the message and theme words should be in the message body.

If necessary, ask another family member, create a new primary message, as his subject may not coincide with the theme of the issue currently, given earlier.

Simplified examples of selection of homeopathic remedies can be read on the page the symptoms in homeopathy, and examples of treatment, as well as on the page advice - in the left menu.

Homeopathic remedies are available at homeopathic pharmacies, or order online pharmacies in our country, but more rare is the homeopathic remedies in Europe - in the London - pharmacy Helios, and in the Austria - pharmacy Remedia. Links to these pharmacies are in the section of the site - Homeopathy.

       Homeopath Dr. Sergey Grigor
       April 14, 2013

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