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Instant acceleration without overload

Rapidly increasing acceleration and can not be overloaded only on condition that the acceleration will not be against the effects of gravity of this acceleration. In other words - without overloading the acceleration is only possible if you do not go against gravity, which prevents instantaneous acceleration repeatedly increasing the mass of the object.

That is, if you create an artificial source of mass that will have a strong gravitational pull that draws him flying object, the object will not experience congestion. If at this time off sharply this artificial gravitational accelerator include other even on the opposite side, then the flying object is experiencing congestion instantaneously change the direction of movement is reversed.

The difficulty is to simulate multiple sources of gravitational attraction at a distance and on all sides of the flying object in space so that he could change the direction of movement in any direction instantly.

Therefore, the problem is solved in this way: a gravity engine must be located in the center of the flying object, but it must act differently. Inside the object should be the scope, the entire surface of which shall consist of cells capable of creating a non-gravitational field, and vice versa - antigravity. Then, the ship may at any time move in the direction of the cell has created an anti-gravity field.

To create such a cell is sufficient to dramatically increase the rate of flow of time in its entirety. This will automatically create a portion of the space to the properties opposite the site of the space with strong gravity inside it.

October, 2013.

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