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Fireflies Universe

This scientific - fantastic story Sergey Grigor I have written in 2005 - 2006. Science fiction tale of extraterrestrial and eternal Foggy Albion. As a result of a scientific experiment turns out to be a young scientist far beyond our the Universe. There he finds his happiness, and help in this your new unusual friends.

In this story, I put my observations on how interconnected - the category of time, gravitation, and space.

Chapter 1. The winged assistant.

The day was drawing to a close. The helt from day time heat the sun, with sensation of the executed debt weary has passed for horizon and with skill paint rare variogated of a cloud in gentle - pink colour. The large triangular cobble-stone laying on a slope of a mountain, any more did not give saving in heat of a shadow, but hospitably has sheltered under the reliable roof last was late small insect, successfully avoided speed up small locust, peacefully escaped fate beside by large green locust.

Heat of long summer day gradually beginnings to fall down, and closeness in territory of the closed research complex gradually varied on cool and sated by freshness of ocean air. The working day, for a long time was finished, and as could seem on the first sight, all his premisesroom were absolutely empty, but this sensation was deceptive. Not knowing rest and not thinking about rest, the thick green fly the third hour permanently stupidly also was persistently beaten in the densely closed window of laboratory. I do not know, how about brusly and bump, but the head, i think about, was of headache, and in such situation, even the easy click of opening of the lock, should seem to her by a thunder among the clear sky.

But the door was opened silently, and not a bit winged animal having broken calmness, the high sky-blue-eyed brunette of a name Alex has come in a room. Such name is not rather unusual to the south of old kind England, but on that there was a will of his parents and they lived with him all twenty five years. He was dressed in green sports-shirt, dark blue shabby jeans and soft shoes doing his gait like a cat moving silent. So he in any way does not interfere with our fly, and at all did not give out to her the presence.

Musca domestica - Lampyridae of the Universe
Not turning on the light, Аlex has poured to itself coffee-cup of strong coffee and, passed to a window, by one movement has flung open its shutters outside. The happy fly, having felt sweet air of freedom, has not forced itself long to wait, and here was dissappeared in warm evening air. So, when he has switched on cut-out, the fly was already far.

All central part of a room was occupied by a long laboratory table, at which distant end face, there was fixed an easy and rather unusual design connected by flexible multi-coloured wires to set of devices on shelfs, environmental a table.

The young man has added frequency of the generator, has changed off-duty ratio of pulses, and the devices, bent inside of a needle, have begun exhale a vivifying and rich ozone smell.

All is right, - he has thought, and has brought in a flame of a candle between needles of a design.

In the beginning ionic the wind hardly was fire has not blown, but Alex p has oriented and has moved it closer to the centre... Whether It was necessary to you, sometime to see a photo of a huge spiral Galaxy? I do not know as you, and personally feeling two-dimensional of an immovability, does not give to me to appreciate to estimate its power and greatness. Here there was something similar, but flat spiroid the flame seized by jet of ions, slowly rotated counter-clockwise. It moved!

Alex also wanted to see such phenomenons in the experiment. He has fixed a fiery Microgalaxy on a videocamera and has lowered a candle downwards. But the next second the middle of a disk has swelled, and he has turned to a sphere. Аlex has not believed the eyes... Before him there was a real fireball, and reliably fixed in space sliding around by jets of ions.

- the Ball of fire in the pure state, - has thought Аlex, and was pulled to a videocamera.

But at the same moment by lateral sight he has noticed a firefly, flown through an open window. It slowly flashed yellow - green belly, confidently gained height and was directed straight to a luminous sphere.

The next second the deafening crash : was heard.

Chapter 2. The Zero town.

It was dawning. The fog was long disappeared. The sleepy disk of the sun at last has found the strength to take off from the line of horizon and now it is lazy rising above blue mirror-like surface of the ocean, illuminating all around by its tender morning light. Easy breeze, enjoying the freshness of the air, slightly touched the tops of the trees and slowly fell on the grass which was ready to be filled with cheerful singing cheerful of grasshoppers.

Not far away a cicada was singing persistently, and from the thick smoke bushes it was echoed by some little bird. The world was slowly waking up from night dream, and together with it Alex became conscious and already started to feel his large and strong hands, which were pressed to the ground by something cold and heavy.

Last, that he remembered was a deafening crash of a lightning in his laboratory. It seemed still to be in his ears. Still not understanding, what had happened, he hardly managed to lift his eyelids, which seemed to be filled with lead. A piece of his laboratory table shining with its nickel-plated leg was resting just in front of Alex’s nose. A red wood ant, which was running on it stopped, touched its smooth grey surface with his horns, waited for a second and ran further on ant businesses.

There was a pair of barefooted female legs standing just behind the table, near to a round triangular cobble-stone. Аlex lifted his eye and followed the long straight shanks, knees and beautiful smooth thighs. All of this belonged to a young blond girl. She squatted near him, and looking into his eyes asked sympathetically:

- Can I help you, Sir?

- No, all is OK, miss, -he mumbled being in a pose inconvenient for exchanging civilities. He then threw away the load sitting on him, sat down and looked around.

The girl stood up, glimpsed on the hands of the young man, and ran down a little path quickly moving her bare feet.

He followed her with his eyes for a while. Everything around was well familiar to him... The slope of the mountain was covered with a grass and small bushes, abounded with limestone spots, on which lizards used to expose their agile bodies to the warm rays of the sun in the afternoon. Behind that the slope gradually went upwards to a small plateau, and from the front it went down enclosing the right edge of a small green valley.

The piece of the table laying near, seemed to be cut off from the rest of it by a laser and slightly gleamed with a smooth surface of the cut. Thinking about it Аlex touched it with his fingers and suddenly noticed some reflection in the grass. He stretched his arm and picked up a green transparent cube, which was size of a dove egg made of some unknown to him material.

Neither glass nor emerald could have about 0.7lb of weight in so small volume.

- It is like lead, - Аlex thought, and accurately put the unusual finding into his pocket.

He stood up and quickly went upwards, stepping softly on the stony surface. After a couple of hundred of steps, Аlex found himself on the plateau, where there should be his laboratory. But it was not there!!! There was even no hint at the building or its ruins. All central part of the meadow was covered with a rich thorny bushes, mixed with thick sets of ash trees here and there and yellow flowers of arnica among feather-grass.

The only thing which was the same was the narrow racing path running on the side of the ocean, along which some guy was jogging right now, accompanied by a large shaggy sheep-dog jumping and yelping with exuberance of feelings. Gradually he changed into walking and went towards a horizontal bar. Having exercised for a while, the guy jumped down and together with his jogged towards the little l path, which Alex took a moment ago to climb up.

- Hi Аlex!

- Hi Nick, - Alex said instinctively, but suddenly he stopped and looking back at the guy with bewilderment started to think, why he had called the guy Nick and why he was not surprised?

The heat coming from the green cube in his pocket woke him up from his thoughts. Surprised by this fact not less, than buy the guy’s awareness of him, Аlex examined the finding once again and this time easily noticed a translucent three-dimensional image inside the cube. He saw himself inside the cube, caught at the moment of the explosion of plasma, and alos a piece of the table sitting now on the slope.

- It is incredible!!! I must be sleeping or...

But his "Or" could not be interpreted by his common understanding of the world and space. Being a scientist, he did not believe in miracles and journeys through time, but trusted his sharp-sighted eyes and strong hands:

Mention should be made, that in this life, Alex’s curiosity was born earlier than him, and consequently his brain, constantly and involuntarily carried out some work, automatically analyzing everything he saw around. Thus it did not matter if he was sleeping or was awake. Moreover the absence of blinders of a conventional thinking allowed him to see the things which normally were not noticed by others.

Once, on some silent May night, when the tender southern sun was already gone behind the horizon, and thick darkness swallowed the bats flying around in the air, Аlex was sitting outside enjoying the fresh air and admired the stars. He looked at Pleiades, rhombus of the Lyra and hardly seen Andromeda Nebula... The endless depth of space bewitched his soul and filled it with delight up to the edges.

- Almost like a white hot star, - he thought then, looking at a bright and white Jupiter’s disk. - a cold planet, a hot star :, - he repeated this to himself, being lost in his thoughts for a moment. Interestingly, but if "hot" and "cold" are like “plus” and “minus”, where “white” should go?

If the white colour of teeth is because of he abundance of calcium then I is a “plus” but the white colour of a gray hair because of absence of a pigment is a “minus”. Apparently it cuts both ways:

- It is interesting, whether the speed of time flow is constant, or can change to this or that side too? What does it depends on and what will indicate whether it runs forward or lags behind? - the young man thought, and his thought ran like a fast and powerful tornado, sweeping away stereotyped patterns and adding to his suddenly ripened theory different new and new facts... Then this path led him to the laboratory, where they carried out scientific researches on some elements of the theory of time. He quickly accustomed himself and got easily involved in a slow working rhythm of a silent scientific town. And now, he was standing on a familiar, but unknown to him plateau and thought about what had happened. There was no answer:

Well, what will be will be, let’s play this game, - Alex decided, and went down the slope.

But he did not make even ten steps, when with his back he felt someone's look on himself, and in a second his ears were blocked. Аlex instantly turned around with bewilderment. There seemed to be nobody in the nearest bushes… There was just a white goat ringing a small copper bell while grazing in the bushes not far away.

- Strange: What could it be?

Having waited for a few seconds, he looked round again and not having noticed anything suspicious walked further. Having passed by his table, he ran down along the steep slope turning around a thick-set of various vegetation into the covert of low trees. Then he was on a narrow road leading towards the ocean. By the right edge, it joined to the slope overgrown with bushes, and the left one to a row of houses, which did not exist at all yesterday.

First house in the row was a small wattle-and-daub building in the form of a box with a low white wall around. There were a stone well and a stove for burning ceramic tableware in the centre of the court yard and a little baby goat was playfully butting a log in the corner.

The next house was built of stone and covered with a tile roof. There were a couple of turkeys wandering behind a wicker fence among the greenery and willingly responded by clucking to any whistle they heard. A sheep-dog was resting under a lilac bush having its muzzle on the forelegs. The dog was a spitting image of the one he saw on the plateau.

A Japanese style could be easily guessed in a quiet harmony of proportions of the third house. For its owner, the house probably was Furusato - a small native land. A large square court yard had a length of more than hundred meters and was surrounded with a line of small green trees. There was a hall with wide cornices and with perches bent upwards, almost up to the level of the horizon in the middle of the court yard. Some other buildings were attached to it from the eastern, northern and western sides, On the southern side of a house, there was a verandah - Engavah, made of rough bars with the entrance of a sliding door – Myrado with its slightly opened shutters showing Soedzi behind them. All southern part of a court yard was covered with a landscape garden with a large pond with several small isles, connected by little bridges, and an open pavilion sitting on piles for musical performances.

Soon Alex reached a small costal square. There were a wear shop, a high snow white building, and a grocery store on it. Judging from the sign in the centre above the building that was a scientific library of Whiteland town and STV and the whole square, the sky and an endless azure of the ocean were reflected in the surrounding house and shop windows like in one enormous mirror.

There was a massive right-angled flower bed in the centre of the square, with some plant resembling a tall and graceful palm, arising from the centre of the flower bed. Its thin trunk was as colourful as feathering of a parrot and its crown was reaching the very top floors of the building. However he was really astonished by a passing by pterodactyl in the sky much higher above the library.

- Must be a mirage or they have not become extinct? - watching that wonder flying away.

Loud chirps of sea-gulls coming from the shore quickly brought him back to life. One of them was drifted aside by the wind and it turned its white head looked at Alex with its small black eyes. It then flapped with the wings and flew towards the ocean again.

Being lost in conjectures Alex went to the wear shop. In spite of an early hour, the door was open and the girl behind the counter greeted him with her friendly smile. In this girl he recognized his morning bear foot jogger who offered him her help on the hill slope.

- Good morning, sir, thanks for calling in to our shop, - she said with a ringing and a very pleasant pitch of her voice, but her accent!!!

Alex knew Americans from the South, Yankee, Irish but it was not that. A strong Scottish dialect hinted at a resident of the North of the Great Britain.

- Hi

Having heard his voice she was also a little bit surprised and asked quieter:

- Where are you from, sir?

Not knowing what to say, Alex only smiled in response and thought for a second.

- This lady is from far away.

- Are you a new scientist from our library?

- Not yet

Having no intention to look foolish in the eyes of the young lady Alex decided to stop the conversation but then he asked suddenly:

- Is there any scientific laboratory in your town?

- No, there isn’t, just the library. This is the only scientific institution in our town..

Mentioned should be made that those few people he saw that morning were dressed in casual T-shirts and shorts of a light-sand colour without any extravagancy at all! However all females without exception were happy owners of a long and slightly wavy hair and also of perfect figures, bringing men to an ecstasy. He wanted to ask the girl what country it was but he could not do it directly.

- Where do you come from? You accent sounds very familiar to me.

- From Shirling and I came here quite recently, only about seventy years ago

Alex bust into laughing. He always liked a lambent humour of people from Misty Albion.

- Are you serious?

- Yes, everyone in my town has this accent.

Alex’s ability for analysis failed to help him here. Not knowing what to say he looked around at the shelves with sandy coloured clothes, bade good-bye and left the shop.

Not giving a long thought to it he went to the grocery store. Passing by a big and transparent door of the library he could not help but looked inside. The was a small fountain among a lot of different plants in the middle of the hall and a white marble stair with a thin carved handrail going upwards just a little bit further from the hall centre.

- Beautiful...

In the grocery store Alex saw a shop assistant and the girl was as pretty as the one in the wear shop. She has big green eyes, small straight nose and a thick fair hair, falling on her shoulders and back with magnificent locks.

- Good morning, - he heard a soft pleasant voice, - What can I offer you, sir?

Alex had only that cold cube in his pocket and some change but what the currency was in use here he did not know.

- How much is this? – he asked pointing at some buns, sweet scented brown of which could be smelled even through the transparent wrapping.

- Nothing, everything is for free, sir – the girl answered with surprise, quickly putting the buns into a bag and giving them to Alex.

Being unable to speak from the surprise Alex took the buns, having noticed how gentle the skin was on the girl’s right wrist.

- Free for everybody? – he asked again.

- Of, course, why did you ask about it?

- By accident.

They both burst into laughing. Alex did not hear such a clear and contagious laughter for many years. He could hardly remember where he might have heard it earlier at all.

- It must be d?j? vu; he thought and could not take his eye off the shop assistant.

- Would you like more milk? The girl asked, pointing at another department and showing her left wrist not less tender than the right one…

There was a picture of a flashed cow but there was nobody behind the counter.

- My colleague will come in a minute, - the girl smiled at Alex again, who was just about to lose his head.

- Have you been working long here, Ms?

- No, not really, just about forty years. I used to be a lecturer of Physics of High Energy in Shirling but then I decided to take a break a little bit and changed my occupation.

Once again Alex bewildered.

- Either I am going mad or all people here are desperate messers.

- We have a new shop assistant in the dairy department but she came here only about thirty years ago and was involved in science for a long time before.

There was a distant sound of steps heard in the corridor and a young dark-haired girl with an elegant gait walked into the hall. In a minute the smile from his face vanished, her eyes expressed surprise and her face became snow white. With a deep groan the girl nearly fainted but Alex reached her within a second and caught here gentle body a few inches from the floor. He saw something painfully familiar in her white face but the memory was hidden somewhere so deeply that he could not reach it.

Splashes of cold water to her face brought her back to life very quickly. The girl took a deep and gulpy breath and then opened her eyes. She looked at Alex as if he were a ghost. Her bloodless lips started to move.

- Who are you, sir?

Alex her tears in her eyes and did not know what to say and how to explain his appearance in his town.

- I am Alex, but I came here only today, if something happened?

The gentle face was not that pale anymore and the strengths were coming back to her but the eyes were full of tears again.

- Once, long time ago, I was on my holidays in this town, and my future husband, risking his own life, rescued me from the surgent ocean. However, thirty years ago, when we were walking under a warm summer rain, a gust of wind took the hat from my head and carried it away along the street. My husband ran after it and almost caught it when there was a flash of a lightning… I will never forget its deafening crack. The discharge was so strong that nothing was left just a pile of ash. You are a spit image of him…, and his name was Alex too.

- I am a physicist and research the theory of time but do not know anybody in this town.

- Very strange, my husband was working on the same problem but he could not finally work out his theory. The death stopped him. He told me he wants to prove the primacy of time but this theme is extremely difficult to understand without special knowledge. He also said with his theory it will be possible to prevent tragedies in our world. However, the materials left after him are not enough further researches. This part of the theory is still a mystery for everybody.

It gave creeps to Alex. He was dealing with the same problem.

- What’s your name Mrs.?

- Actia

She fully recovered by now and was sitting in the arm-chair, bewitching Alex with her elegance at “that age”. They all sat silent for a while.

- I am Elphie, - said the girl from the first department suddenly with a charming smile.

- I, - Actia continued, - did not want to break that bad news to my husband’s colleagues and just said he left for some time. Where are you from, sir? Alex never mentioned he had a twin brother.

- I cannot explain that myself as I do not know myself.

The girls looked at each other.

- Only yesterday I seemed to be working in a scientific centre on the plateau of this mountain but found myself in this town this morning. There is not a single sign of my laboratory and I do not understand anything. I have an impression that a piece of the space, in the volume of which I was in, was transferred here and also.., also I found this. With these words Alex took that cold green cube out of his pocket.

- Elphie’s big eyes became even bigger with surprise.

- I read about two cases like that. The cube is an energetic cast of the space, in other words, a pass to our world for a creature from another planet. By its presence it brings the energy of our planet into balance, disturbed by aliens.

- It means I did not die there?

- No, sir, you just disappeared there and appeared her.

- Can I come back?

- Nobody knows that for sure, but theoretically you cannot exclude such a possibility.

- Have many people come here the same way I did?

- No, not many, it is a very rear thing. You are the third person for the period our planet exists. Exactly the same cube was found in the outskirts of our town about three years ago and after that our pets started to disappear and even one man went missing.

- And nobody died here before? – asked Alex with a great surprise.

- The cleanliness and energetic balance of our planet, - Elphie continued – allow the people live free of illnesses and constantly stay the prime of life.

- How is that possible? How is this planet different from others?

- The energy of vanadium, - Actia joined the conversation again,-like a shell it covers the whole surface of the planet and perfectly neutralizes destroying tendencies of time. That is why we do not have either illnesses or ageing. All the inhabitants have a chance to study and develop without any limits. Only disasters and accidents can take our lives away. Once somebody achieves perfection in any area of knowledge or production and is bored he or she can change the occupation for what seems to be more interesting. Do not be surprised, Alex, when you learn that a former hardware engineer grows wheat and a former ballet dancer is engaged in a scientific research. Although all people are different here, they are all well balanced and get pleasure from being useful for other people by doing what is interesting for them.

- Did aliens from other worlds try to conquer your planet?

- It is simply impossible, - Elphie responded, - as there is only one entrance to our world. It is securely closed for the creatures differing by their behaviour from us. However if by any chance a human being, alien to the nature of our society happens to be here our technical devices allow us to send him to any inhabited planet of the Universe where he will stay all his life in the environment suitable for him.

- And what do new comers to your town do?

- First of all it is necessary to go to the library and report to the attendant on duty on the ground floor about the area of your interest and where you would like to live. She will tell you what to do next. Feel free to come to us at any time if you need food, - answered Actia.

- You have not eaten anything; - Elphie smiled putting a glass of milk in a caring manner on the clean and beautiful table beside the window.

Having thanked the welcoming hostesses and smiled them good-bye, he went off. Outside Alex turned right and went to the library entrance, which was already familiar to him. At the same time a green car with a big boot approached the grocery store. It pulled over backwards to the shop and different goods were handed out to the girls that they put carefully inside.

After a quick look at the process Alex pushed a light door and entered the library. There was a young girl sitting at the table made of a light wood in the left corner of the hall and was writhing something. Having seen Alex, approaching her, she gave him a friendly smile.

- Good afternoon. Do you want to live in our town?

- Yes, I do but I have come from far away and do not know anything here.

The girl took a yellow-green remote control from the table and pressed one of the buttons. A virtual screen appeared in the air.

- Our town is called Whiteland and it is only two hundred million years old and therefore it is considered to be a young town. Its main function is storing and processing of scientific information that is kept in this library. The majority of the data is kept on the ninth floor in an energo-informational shape on a special spherical storage and the rest of the information is kept in books and on information carriers. It is available for all our staff, analyzing scientific researches, discoveries and theories in order to allow them to find a useful use of them the people of our planet. You can choose your own accommodation with the interior and equipment appealing to your taste. Food supplies can be taken from shop on the right from the library and clothes in the shop to the left.

- And the houses with domestic animals that I saw are also available for any staff member? - asked Alex, and vividly imagine himself surrounded by ducks, chickens and pigs.

- Yes, of course. Each person feels himself much more comfortable in the environment best appealing to his soul. Some people like cats, some dogs and others like a cricket behind the fireplace. In the long run it keeps people in harmony with nature.

- What are the working hours?

- Everybody works in accordance with his or her peculiarities and demands. Some people prefer to work at night but others in the morning. The majority of people work during the day and eat only in the morning and in the evening. Some people keep on working after dinner though.

When can I start working?

- Right now if you like. What activity appeals to you better, Sir?

- I used to work in a scientific laboratory and studied characteristics of time, and also was involved in various researches and experiments and analyzed the results.

- There is an analytical department on the second floor of the library. You can choose any job you think is interesting for you.

- And where shall I live?

- Here is a manipulator. Choose all the necessary things for you.

Having seen the 200-th floor on the floor, Аlex nearly gave a whistle and without any hesitations chose it.

- Tell me, please, how should I pay for my accommodation? - he asked, trying to estimate how many hundred years he will have to pay off the loan.

We do not have money relations here as on other planets. Interesting job not only brings pleasure but also gives such results, that the inhabitants of the planet can have well off existence. The apartment is already yours, and soon you will be able to look at it, sir. It is just behind the bridge on the right hand side.

- However all this is a dream, - Аlex thought and off he went to the second floor of the library taking the white marble staircase.

The hall happened to be rather spacious. It had a parquet floor and stuffed with ancient furniture, and a lot of blossoming plants, created necessary coziness and an excellent working mood. A red haired girl was sitting at the table and reading in the farthest left corner.

- Probably she is an attendant too, - Alex thought and, walked towards her making his way between the plants,

- Well, Аlex, - he was stopped by the thin guy, which he had seen on the plateau,- you have decided to continue the job, haven`t you?

- Yes, I just have to find my theses; - he answered and passed him by towards the attendant without stopping.

- Hi there.

- Hi Аlex, you have changed a little, - the girl said, stopping her look at his hands and clothes,

Do you want to continue your research?

- Yes, miss. If only I can remember, where my notes are.

- The Archive Number four, - she pointed at one of presses at the right wall of the hall.

Burning from impatience, Аlex went there. At this moment, he felt, like a racing horse at start, which impatiently stamps the ground, but in mind already rushing forward: He quickly found a thick dark blue notebook, set down near the window and opened the notes written in his handwriting... In the beginning the speculations were correct, but by the end they were mixed up and stopped completely not coming to the most important bit.

Filling in the blank spots of the theory with the missing information took him three hours, but they flew by like winking. After that Аlex checked the added text, and was pleased with himself. Then he took the manipulator extracted from the box with the notebook and pressed the start button. And again, like by the wave of a magic wand, a screen appeared in front of him, and he could put his hand through it as through the air. He chose an encyclopedia from the list of the literature and found his theory. Alex opened it and found out that all the notes he had just made today up to the last letter were there.

- It is incredible! The technologies are just fantastic!

Аlex clucked and switched off the screen. A good work always wakens a good appetite. He stood up and went to the attendant. The Red haired girl was not there, and there was a guy sitting there instead of her.

- Tell me, please, sir, if I can take the manipulator home with me to work at home?

- There is another one in your apartment already.

Аlex thanked him for the explanation and ran downstairs stepping over every second step.

The continuation follows_

Further, machine translation

Chapter 3. A return ticket.

Out on the street, Alex immediately turned left and was stunned ... In the quarter-mile beyond the bridge on the left of the road in the bushes of Tamarix was a white cabin, and above it, probably at the height of 100-storey building in the air itself was a large mirror ball, without any sort any support.
- Here is the house! Are they defeated gravity? - He could not resist a cry, and did not feel her legs under her, hurried back to the lobby attendant.
- Excuse me miss, I live in this ball??
- Yes ...
- But I'll get into it?
- Underneath the elevator cabin.
- Thank you, miss.
- My name is Liuriya ... Lampyridae of the Universe
Alex answered her with a slight nod of the head and went outside. He wasted no time, went to the grocery store, but when there is new workers who did not join with them in long conversations, and took food and hurried home. He quickly crossed the bridge, passed a few spreading Lenkoran acacia and happy to breathe in gentle fragrance blooming round hips and continued the way for the passing to the right road. And then, Alex again felt the still the same paralyzing the body and cooling per view ... But an eerie screeching boar in the bush to restore him to life. In the tighter second, nearly knocking him off his feet, briskly cocked skinny tail and bulging eyes wildly, from the roadside bushes Rhododendron jumped out and flew past the startled to death a huge wild boar with a flock of just as he scared the striped offspring ...
- No way, they saw a ghost - dumbfounded thought Alex and cautiously peered into the flowering bushes Rhododendron bushes, but no one was there .
Recovering, he again went to the white cabin. Once inside, he pressed on her single button. Elevator door closes smoothly and immediately began to open, presenting his astonished gaze of large entrance hall with wooden staircase to the second level.
I must say that Alex a little worried that his new home will hang in the air, like a basket on the mast of a frigate during the storm. But the ball "hanging dead in his tracks." Running up the stairs, he saw something that delight all soared almost to the ceiling. The entire second level were abundant variety of plants, conditional shares his room, office and kitchen, and above all it is covered completely transparent within the upper half of the ball. Through it, a bird's eye, a wonderful view of the endless expanse of ocean, the library, the river and the plateau, and then, as far as the eye could see, stretched the green mountainous terrain.
Alex found the room, but before he could take the notebook, as he felt that his green cube is hot again, just as it was then a plateau.
According to his theory, the heat is always associated with fire and, therefore, with the destruction. So, figuratively speaking, if a piece of ship's timber is released a hundred years, to lie and rot in the water, the effects of fire in the fire will reduce the age of up to several minutes, and the flow velocity at the same time, will increase for him a million times.
It's no secret that the rate of flow of time, at all points of the universe, tends to some constant value, and if this constancy is violated, then the world will plunge into chaos, and it is waiting for imminent death. At the same time too much speed, not less dangerous than its slowdown. In other words, a living organism is not much difference, which happen inside a black hole or in the center of a fireball ...
Therefore there must be something, hold the speed at the golden mean. So, in parallel to one event must always be different, all of which will balance and put in its place. For example, heating a metal ball on an open fire, will lead eventually to its complete combustion, ie the shortening of his age many times. Therefore, in contrast to the rapid and premature decrease in the volume of a sphere, there is just the opposite - the expansion of heated object, and everything comes into balance. If it were not for these balances, the man would grow old, even just soaking up the fire.
But why is it heats up the green cube, as opposed to what? Alex turned on the monitor, and opening an encyclopedia, quickly found the information on this topic
As said Alfie, these cubes were two. But on their temperature changes, any clarifications are given. Apparently, on this one just did not notice. The first cub was found more than seventy million years ago. Beside him lay a large arthropod creature with bright yellow glowing belly. Judging from the found next to the instrument, one might think that the beetle was engaged in some sort of their research. A few years later, he was not coming out of the stupor, has died.
second cub found in the vicinity Uaytlanda about three years ago. Near him lay a small stupid animal, resembling the most common rat ... with the glowing blue-purple tongue.
- Night insectivorous rat - Alex made his reasoning.
But inside the cube, the image of another animal. It was like a big bat with an unusually long nose, but her next to a cube was found.
After that, Alex moved to the fireplace and cozy sitting in a chair, he continued to study the information about the achievements of science and of the inhabitants of this strange planet. And the information was worth ...
- A moment of attention! - Led him out of meditation soft girlish voice.
not find cute voice of Alfie, it was simply impossible ...
- We ask all citizens to listen to a news release. Today, disappeared on a large talking parrot Mr. Steers. If someone from the residents there about him information, then you can call us by number, which is now on the screen. Unfortunately, the disappearance of animal is the sixth in the last two weeks - the girl graduated and straightened her hair that fell to its open bright face.
Wasting no time, Alex has scored the required number and again I saw Alfie.
- We see you, "says Sir.
fact that his image on this planet can be seen without the video, Alex is not surprising. It seems that there was possibly anything.
- Hi, - he said. - I think that in cases of disappearances may be involved creature who should not be on this planet.
- But we can not get outside. Protective cage and graviobolochka make access to the planet it impossible for others, and the other way, here is no.
- I think it still is. Think green cube was found about three years ago around this city. There were images of two beings, but one of them was not found.
- That's right, we do not know the mechanism of moving the little creatures to us on the planet, but there is no evidence that a second creature, too, should be here.
- I have proof.
- you can give them our group search?
- Yes, even now.
- Okay. Then twenty minutes later, we are waiting for you on the eighth floor of the library.
Image Monitor gradually disappeared. Three minutes later, Alex was on the street. Time is running out and he was not looking around, a quick step toward the library. At this time, the boar of the family he never met. Upstairs, he saw a long table at which sat three men and four girls. Alfie was sitting at the head. He was offered a chair opposite.
- Thanks, - Alex sat up and looked around the audience.
- To what good the local girls, - he thought, looking at the ladies, but then caught myself thinking that does not think about that.
He took a cube and put it on the table.
- Look closely at the picture inside. Here I am, and this is part of the bench. All that is represented in the cube, it was on this planet. At the same time I was still alive, so maybe live and thriving animal from the cube three years ago. Apparently it is the only unaccounted guest on your planet.
Alfie brought the cube priborchiki green beam in the form of a trilobite. There was a click, and over the table appeared a clear three-dimensional image of the internal contents of the cube in full color. Now all was well in sight. Here he is, Alex, a table and a yellow-green dot in the air around the ball lightning. Alex's face brightened.
- So it's a firefly!
The audience looked at each other. Alfie was silent.
- And how long have you yourself, in this way, came to this planet, sir? - Asked the man sitting on his right hand.
- Today in the morning, but yesterday, I was on planet Earth, the terrain and the nature of which repeats the topography of your planet.
- This is not surprising, and all easily explained - the man began in the middle, but before he could finish the sentence, as the left of the table appeared a translucent screen.
- Listen to the message, - declared the speaker. - Today, two of our residents have seen from the bushes next to the courtyard of Mr. Steers, popped up a large, more than a meter tall, dark-green creature with large membranous wings. It jumped the fence, on which sat his parrot, and he instantly turned into a small white cloud, but for people watching, laid his ears. Then, using his wings, the animal jumped to the cloud and noise injected it into himself. After that, looked around and saw people who had disappeared in the woods near the home of Mr. Steers.
silence. Alfie looked at Alex.
- Looks like you were right.
She snapped back trilobites, and its cube was changed to the one he saw in an encyclopedia. Alex leaned forward. Now it was clearly seen what he could not see before. Natured toothy snout mouse terminates in a long tubular nose, which gave her a funny look.
- we on Earth, too, live like creatures, but much smaller. We call bats. At night, they prey on small insects and well-versed in the darkness through ultrasonic echolocation. But ultrasound high-power, instantly destroys tissue. And yet. As far as I know, the bats very well developed sense of kinship. Therefore, they always live in large colonies, and alone or in captivity simply die. So this individual is unlikely to be the exception, even though her appetite is good.
- But if she is reluctant guest, and under stress - the beginning of a girl on the left - means it is necessary to help her come back. But as far as we know, this live ultrasound is very secretive, but without a sample of his mother, we can not learn from what he had in the world.
- I know how to send home this live ultrasound, and easier to say zhivulta - Alex said firmly - but for this we need to see it. We will surround the terrain, and noise will be closer to the trap. Avoiding contact, he will leave the center and get.
- Continue - said Alfie.
- On your planet, I showed up, carrying out a scientific experiment with a margin of localized energy. As a result, next to me was the green cube. So, I noticed that the temperature of the cube slowly rises as it approaches the point of entry onto your planet. We can therefore expect that if the cube again fall into the same storage point, then laid in it the transition energy, return it back. And together with him, your planet will disappear and what it depicts. In other words, a cube - this is the key to the door into his world.
- But how do we find this entry point? - Asked the man on the right.
- I've thought about it. Will need to create a device with two probes. The first will measure the temperature of the cube, and a second temperature of an adjacent point in space. The indicator should show the difference in the readings of sensors, however small it was not. With this instrument we will make measurements, and the computer calculates the desired coordinates.
- Thank you, Alex - said Alfie. - Everything is quite clear. And what kind of experiment you carried on your planet?
- I wish to reaffirm the primacy of time. But the official science on my planet denies this, and believes that time does not affect the properties of matter.
- We've been using this fact - said Alfie. Specially created for this "outliner time in space", abbreviated as STV. It simulates the properties and rate of flow of time in a given volume of space. As a result, we can get any material object, and simultaneously bind it to any point in three-dimensional coordinate system. Now picture a device for computing the entry point - Alfie and handed Alex his arm.
little thought, he showed something similar to the beetle weevil. In its cephalothorax he placed a cube and a first temperature sensor, at the end of a long nose second. Indicator placed on the back.
- Everything is ready.
Alfie looked at the picture.
- Well, your claims have already been sent technicians and ten minutes later the device will be ready. Now we will go down on the eleventh level of the library, and our assistants will bypass the town and warn the population about the general assembly on the Square.
all rose and went down.
- Please, for me, - said Alfie Alex and headed toward the elevator.
- One more question.
- Yes, I listen to you.
- Down on the street I saw a car flying over the pavement. You conquered gravity?
- Yes and no. We simply use the effect of ion vortices.
- But the stream of ions does not possess the full characteristics of air flow, and will go on to direct the shortest path between two electrodes.
- This is not always necessary. Under certain circumstances, such a flow can be forced to rotate around its axis and turn it into microvortices. And when a lot of them, then they can easily create a large tractive force in any desired direction to us with minimal costs.
- but how??
- It's easy - she smiled at him - in his spare time, I'll tell you about it.
After descending on the eleventh level, their eyes opened wide and well-lit room. Everywhere there were instruments and equipment, about the purpose of which Alex had no idea, but the center of the room held a large silver bowl with a diameter more than three meters. He, like a lollipop, was sitting on the end of a thick black pipe, which through the floor sloped went down, apparently passing through the other, even lower levels.
- Grand Design - Alex said, pointing to the ball - but what is it for?
- In a bowl is a heavy duty generator of the visible spectrum of light.
- And where is this pipe?
- At the other end of the pipe bowl, too, but with a diameter three times larger. It contains the receiving antennas with filters. They are like the sea urchin, but needles inside. We still call this complex - the sea urchin. Antenna output creates a thin ion beam pipe, spun on its axis and its tip he sent in the ball to the light.
- This is a communication device?
Alfie laugh.
- You can say so, but only in connection with the universe. For communication on the planet, we use a completely different device. They are much smaller and much easier.
They passed the ball, and come to the table on which lay a device similar to a weevil with a green cube in the cephalothorax. Alex picked up the instrument in his hands and looking at the light, shook them in different directions.
- Ok, now go to the street.
Coming out of the library, he ran to the bridge and quickly made the measurements, and then repeated the same manipulation in the pine alley. Oddly enough, but the entry point of the cube on the planet, was, as Alex also in the plateau region, but it was seven feet below ground level.
- Is he here out of the ground here? " - Surprised Alex.
Wasting no time, he included a virtual monitor, and depicted it is a big hat with dark glasses hanging on a tripod. Then placed him on a plateau next to the entry point. New data transferred to specialists STV. It remains to drive zhivulta on the plateau and to force him to hide under the hood.
So began. A large ring of people with noise and shouting began slowly tapered off center. Part beaters went to the radial city neighborhoods and yards, and the other restricted the ring, climbing the mountain from the east, north and west. All this time, Alex was a little nervous. He understood that people do not know fear, can become easy prey to the ubiquitous zhivulta. And the only thing that saves them, because that is what he is cautious, and at an open meeting just will not do.
Thirty minutes later the plateau was surrounded, and a strong chain of people converged almost to its center. Bell hanging next to the treadmill, but nowhere zhivulta could not see.
- Do escaped, flashed the thought in the mind of Alex, but at this time of blackberry bushes jumped out of dark green creature that resembles a large bat. Anxiously looking around zhivult swept in a ring of people, but seeing a clear disparity, slipped under the dark translucent dome, which immediately dropped.
Beside him, in the soil pre-made vertical opening leading deep down to the entry point. Alex drew a cube of weevil, attach it to a long string, and slowly began to descend. And people in this time of wonder, and looked at someone even tapped on the glass. Zhivult calmly and with dignity, looked at the knocking, but anxiety is not revealed.
- Hi Alex - approached him, Nick - when climbing the north face, I saw a cave, but the entrance to her overwhelmed with a large stone.
- Hello - Alex said, and at that same moment felt a sharp tug on the cord.
He inadvertently pulled him over, and the cube securely stuck.
- What is it??
This he did not expect ...
- Showing your cave, "Alex said, by securing the power cord from the outside.
- Help needed? - Asked came up Alfie, who noticed that something was going wrong.
- I need a good flashlight.
She held out her arm and pointed to the yellow button on the side. Five minutes later they stood in front of Nick and large blocks of sandstone, covering the lower entrance to the cave. Nick picked up a rock and pulled it to himself, but he did not even budge. Alex joined, but the stone did not yield.
- Where to take scrap? - To no turning, "Alex said, and then the idea struck him. - Wait here, I'll be right back.
He quickly ran to the bench, and, removing his leg back. Using it as a lever, he moved the stone to the side and through the narrow passage first climbed in the growing darkness. Nick followed him. Ten steps, the corridor became higher and the downhill went down.
- How many years did not have anyone here? - Looking at a lantern-lit wall, said Alex.
- I do not know, - said Nick, and suddenly slipped on a rock, flew at walking in front of Alex.
from a powerful blow, he also could not resist and went down, but the road had to stick scrap in a crevice and they both stopped abruptly. Breath, had already moved on cautiously. Soon, steep descent over, and the corridor turned right. The travelers climbed into the hole, more like an hourglass, and were in the spacious hallway. His left passage goes up, and kept right down. A little thought, Alex pointed to the left.
- We were there.
Two minutes later, the path, the cave has expanded so much that is reminiscent of the great hall of the museum, the center of which stood the stalactites and stalagmites. Stone floor at a slight slant continued to go up, and somewhere in front, connected to the very ceiling. Nick made an expressive face and pointed to Alex in the left corner. There, straight out of a hole in the ceiling, hanging down someone's skinny tail. Alex gently touched the discovery crowbar, and she moved.
- Just the tail, only here somewhere!? If this baby zhivulta, the forces it has little or harm it will bring - thought Alex.
He gave Nick a lantern, while he himself more firmly grasping the tail and pulled. He tensed up, and suddenly out of the chimney, ready for a cube dropped down what he least expected to see. Half-meter prehistoric reptiles with limbs in the form of diamonds, had a thick smooth body and long neck, which passes into the small head.
- Yes it's true plesiosaur, alive and healthy! - Enthusiastically exclaimed Alex.
Miracle huff, strenuously nostrils. But the main thing was that in the wide-open mouth, a wild creature holding the cube. Alex drew it and put in a hole, which was a continuation of the pipe running from the top. Cube instantly warmed, the ground began to hiss, but nothing happened. Then he took a table leg, and began to gently move her cub. Suddenly something flashed, a deafening crash, and all was plunged into impenetrable utter darkness ...

Chapter 4. Green holidays.

- I'm alive ?!... - Hardly asked myself Varh though every cell of his body lurch, stir, and turn around its axis, as if the whole body was just a set of scattered cells rather than than the winged, strong and sturdy.
- I guess I crushed the cave collapsed or fallen from the top piece of rock - without feeling the slightest sense of fear and vaguely wondering about what happened, slowly he thought ...
His thoughts, like a flock of insects, a dense swarm of floated in the brain, not giving clearer consciousness and the mind to concentrate.
- Is he alive? - Sounded beside someone's scratchy voice.
- Did we do not all destroyed? - Echoed the other, with more pronounced metallic tinge in his voice.
- and how he got into our lab? - Re-grated first. - Protection!
- It means I'm alive! - Flashed a spark of hope in the minds of Varha glow. - But why so mozzhit body and can not even move ?!
white mist, which is more characteristic of Albion, gradually began to dissipate before his eyes, and now he could see a disgusting person thick horned creatures, anything remotely resembling those graceful animals, near which he lived in recent years. But the taste they were worse than any cockroach, but these, even smelled very appetizing ...
- And that someone else?? - The first voice rasped. - But where is protected? These lazy people just begs to be fired!
Varh made an incredible effort and tried to move, but his elastic body would not obey him. But the numbness in the right wing and the tip of his magnificent nose, was replaced by a strong sense of aches and burning, as if they pressed a burning firebrands.
- Finally, here you are! Remove the green monster and that hudyshku from my lab, and lock them somewhere. Later we will deal with them. And call me head protection!
- Yes, sir Narzhis! - Erect at attention as possible to its loose constitution, squeaked guard with eyes bulging.
- They have that throat rusty? - Varh thought, and felt like the fat man unceremoniously grabbed his leg and dragged dragged him into the corridor.
Then he opened another room, and roughly threw Varha on the cold stone floor. After that there was a groan and thud of yet another incident of the body. Outside could be heard echoing footsteps and the door slammed shut.
- Head of Jarboe has arrived! - Cracked reported to someone.
- Follow me!
- Play!
lab door slammed, and everything was quiet.
Near Varhom something rustled softly, and he felt a sharp sweet odor, no comparison is not going to smell horny, and in particular, that a ferocious that the most angry and shouted at his subordinates. Someone has carefully lifted his head and put it under her something soft, and then patted him on the wing. Varh hardly opened his eyes and looked closer.
In the dim light of a white lantern on his big green eyes looking girl with a bright and open face. But if its a neat little mouth and long hair, he still could not accept, then a short beak, it is still spoils the whole picture ... But who she is, why were close, and it helps?
- Lie down, lie - the girl said, - soon will pass.
many years, Varh hid in secret places, and often listened to the speech of these animals. He quickly figured out the meanings of simple words, and even learned to pronounce, but to practice the speech he was not with anyone. And he, in an eerie solitude, spent his later years, every day, yearning for the past. He recalled the parents, the village, his girlfriend Sinha, and time spent together. And how weird accident separated them forever.
Varh sighed deeply, looked at her and then glanced at the far wall. Before her, five feet above the floor, light and slightly swaying translucent blue ball, a fist-sized beef fat. Varh again attempted to move, and this time he did it. Helping himself clawed fingers on the ends of the wings, he rose and staggered to his feet naughty, go to the ball, which turned out to be not real and represented, only a picture hanging in the air. But the wall behind the ball was very real, but it looked as though it long and hard digging with a pick or a jackhammer.
Varh rallied and breathed deeply, blew sharply through the nose directly into the center of the ball. As expected, nothing will happen. But in a wall, instantly formed a large circular hole through which was seen descending from the mountains and extremely calm ocean. Varh beckoned wing sitting on the floor and the first girl got into the passage.
Once outside, the fugitives looked around. Behind them was a steep slope leading toward the plateau, descending to the ocean front, left the valley, and could be seen on the right track, thickly overgrown with bushes, which could easily escape from his pursuers. Without saying a word, they ran there. In this Varh through the lifting force of their membranous wings, do more and smooth jumps. As soon as they hid in nearby bushes, behind a loud and angry gnashing of horny, not having any chance to climb through a narrow hole for them.
This area is also reminiscent of Varhu his planet, but it was not, alas, she said. I must say that the manga - the people Varha, absolutely not tolerate the noise and chose to live in the most quiet places, and his village was located exactly where they are. Each family had a big hole, and their inputs are connected the narrow lanes, flanked with delicate flowers.
But here, nothing that was not there.
When the noise died down, Varh filed a girl character, and using the bushes as cover, he went to his secret underground shelter, a safe shelter from prying eyes away from the city. Two hours later, they came to the foot of a steep hill, where on a hillside amongst lush, Varh quickly found braky entrance. He carefully parted the thorny vines and climbed forward, showing the way the girl.
Fragrant sumac foliage was so thick that almost completely blocks access of light inside. But despite the gloom, Varh routinely climbed into the narrow hole, a gaping black void against the backdrop of the surrounding gray stones. Passage was about ten meters long and had three turns. By the end of the road, it became completely dark and the girl had to move to the touch. But the vault was above and beyond you can go without bending.
Suddenly, she felt a touch, forced her to sit down. A few minutes later her eyes became accustomed to the darkness, and she began to distinguish the wall of a small oblong room and vague outlines zhivulta. So, in complete silence they sat for another ten minutes. Finally zhivult sighed deeply and turned to the girl his big floppy eared head with a long nose trubkovidnym.
- What's your name? - Gently rustled in the silence of his baritone.
She was stunned and wide open, her large eyes staring at zhivulta.
- Yulti - she said timidly, hardly coping with struck her surprise.
- And I can call Varh. I belong to the people of Mango, who lives on the second planet of Sirius.
- But how do you know our language?
- For this practice, I had enough time. Once I was on your planet, I have three long years he lived here in the same cave, and the day is often listened to your conversations. But the last thing I remember is the people who are very noisy and do not know why, I drove under the hood, and then still treated me like some animal . Did you happen to know how we got in the lab?
- I guess ... More recently, we learned that you are not one of our world and suffers from loneliness. But today, we have a man who came here just like you. And he alone understood how you can help to return to their planet. But for this, we needed to see you.
- Oh, that's it ... But you could tell me about it like a man. I would and he agreed.
- But how could we know ... And besides, you're very difficult to find. And I, during your travel, was in the library and watched a rat with the glowing language. She never went out of his three-year slumber and once again I made her an injection of nutrients. And I do not know what's affected. Or the introduction of the needle served as an antenna and bound to our world, or was near me, but something went wrong. Probably so, instead, here I was, and you went not home, but here ...
- It was a gaggle of my people keep them as pets. They do not make noise, give light, and also catch the pesky insects nightly. But one day after a big storm in my hole flew white glowing ball, and a flock of saving me, jumped in his direction. After that, all that was dear to me, has disappeared. Today, history has repeated itself, although to lose this time, I have nothing more to ... But such a lesson as it is today, I have already passed, but what you gonna do?
- I do not know ...
unexpectedly under the stone floor of the cave is something shrieked, and there was a loud clap. Varh Yulti and looked at each other.
- Below us, there is another very large room. And there's something going on! - Said Varh and headed for the exit.
Yulti followed him. Just below the exit from the cave, was another passage, which she did not notice the dusk. He was much shorter, lighter and more spacious than the entrance to accommodation Varha and end on a small platform above the steep descent down into the cave room gigantic proportions.
With the reflection of rays of the sun, pushing up to the ceiling of the hall from the lake bottom, leading to the open ocean, the hall was very light. But the fact that it happened, was very curious. Almost the entire central part of the hall, took a low metal platform on which stood a few horny bumpkin. All of them were carrying iron pipes with ball-shaped thickening at the end. From the site to the lake lasted long bridge and walked up and down on it one more fat. The last bridge connected the edge of the lake with a deck house yellow flattened-spherical apparatus, softly swaying on its surface area.
bottom of the wall, just below the observation deck of our observers, stadoobrazno crowded a large group of beings with something vaguely resembling humans. They were all covered with scales, had very long arms and elongated heads up. Periodically, the two horned approached him, and pulling out someone from the crowd, dragging him in yellow floating disc. Suddenly, a long-headed broke, and gently waving limbs, took to their heels in the lake. One of the guards at the site instantly picked up an iron stick and sent it to the side of the fugitive. There was a short and as the center of a tornado sibilant hiss, then cotton, and the poor guy has disappeared, shrinking to a point.
Varh looked on the tag horned hand, and swallowed loudly.
- not even remember when was the last time, we find a tasty meal. Wait for me here - he said quietly leaned over to Yulti.
- I'm with you - she said firmly.
- Okay, just do not put out from the large stones.
With these words, Varh turned around, and trying to stay unnoticed, carefully walked down the ledge to the rock ridge leading down to the "dinner table". Yulti like a shadow, kept close by.
Suddenly, with a metal platform rasped loud command, and the hall was completely silent. Varh curiously peered out from behind cover. Luke on the yellow floating disc with a quiet buzz was closed, something hissed and the machine slowly went under water. Excitement ran through the crowd, threw up his arms but also horny and everything suddenly fell silent. In the depths of the lake is again something flashed, and resurfaced a new submarine, the size is much larger than the former. His hatch, hummed like a fly in the pot, and gently opened.
select a convenient time Varh jumped out from behind the rocks and slipped under the iron site. Yulti inseparably followed him. Then he crept to the back stairs, high jump and blew into nearby victim. Another leap, and he tasted the food, which the manga and never dreamed. After that, Varha nobody could stop. Flickering dark shadow, he jumped and jumped, and every time the thunder was heard falling on the area of ??weapons from the hands of the next evaporated guard.
But then things took a completely unexpected turn. Once on the court's nobody left, feel free, suddenly brutal mob smashed the two guards and rushed to the site. But it was not all. The situation is complicated by the fact that to them, swept roaring herd of long-armed and on the other side of the hall. So climb into the cave, with Varh Yulti have not had time. Although not considered Varh lanky their enemies, crush them, they could easily.
Needless to say, that after a hearty meal, the forces have repeatedly Varha was added, and escape for him was a matter of three seconds, but Yulti, he reasoned, could not he jump and fly over the crowd, able to break every one who comes in her way. But once he took this nice girl for him, and dragged her into this hell, now in charge of her life and leave her here to be torn apart simply has no right.
Varh looked around, and instantly agreed.
- follow me upstairs! - He commanded, and the aircraft coming to the site rushed to the bridge at the side of the ship.
In their situation, it was the only chance for salvation. Anyway, the way to the other parties, had already been cut off.
- of course - thought Varh - they can get in the boat, but in him there is only one entrance.
made his last jump to the hatch, Varh, as it seemed, her back felt close brutal breath of the crowd, which literally choked in their own malice and unspeakable rage. But behind him was still Yulti! Before the hatch, he stepped aside and let the girl forward, then jumped down after her.
down he saw a great horned fellow, struck his hand on the yellow button on the wall and a wry grin, sent arms to the side Yulti. But Varh breathed first. Hatch was closed at the top, and the ship rocked slightly.
- A crowd of eager to get them and rocking ship - thought Varh - but we'll see who wins!
He looked at Yulti.
- You stay here, and I inspect the premises.
corridor from the door, led into the center of the vessel to a transparent spherical plant with a small amount of clear liquid on the bottom. It quickly rotate the cylinder out of the dark shiny metal and emitted down translucent blue beam from contact with which the liquid is slightly glowing and hissing. Right before the ball was located and a remote control. All other rooms were empty. Varh went to the porthole and peered, but for him was absolute darkness.
- Probably a lot of depth, - he thought, and headed for the baggy seat in front of the console, which should be comfortably seated he did not lean fellow with a wry grin.
On the left side of the chair he sat down, and the right to arrange Yulti. Console in front of them looked quite simple. His entire left half and held a wide screen with the image of cattle, and usually yellow triangular button to a tee in the corridor.
Another key was white and was located directly below the screen. Varh clicked on it, and a portrait of cattle, he immediately changed on the flat face with a curved back long green whiskers. At the same time, a couple of seconds, brightly lit yellow button. After that, Varh thinking about something else, many times pressed and pressed on it, continuing to study the faces of various shapes and colors.
- And what do we do after surfacing? - Broke the silence Yulti.
- I do not know, but the first out, I'll go, - said Varh and again sank into meditation.
Sometimes the sound of the hiss of a glass ball becomes much louder. This has happened in those moments when the cylinder is changed axis of rotation and a powerful blue beam illuminated the lateral surface of the ball.
- Look, look! - Suddenly revived Yulti - there is a firefly, but here's one more, and more ... But that's the star!
One of glowing white dots is rapidly approaching, and after a couple of minutes, turned into a huge bright star. Her companion was a small blue planet, which is due to absolute lack of land, very much like a huge drop in open space.
- Heavy probably drop , - said Yulti, and in this, as we shall see later, she was absolutely right ...
planet is rapidly approaching. Approaching it, their ship was headed for the giant purple dome, floating on its surface. The ship flew gently in the hole of the dome, and began to decrease to a group of other interstellar ships already stood down.
through the window control module, the top was clearly visible a large round area surrounded by a ring of six blue, as if wax hemispheres, with a diameter of thirty meters. Each of them had one entrance, and they all looked at the center of the square, where there was a seventh hemisphere. It was bigger than the others, and its top crowned with a thin tall spire with a transparent as rock crystal ball on the end, the size of almost a third of most of the hemisphere.
waited a few minutes and did not notice any recovery associated with the arrival of their ship, and Varh Yulti went to the door. But lifting the hatch they did not have. At the bottom of something hummed, then hissed, and the corridor as a ladder gently lowered to the ground. Varh first went down, and did not notice anything suspicious, he beckoned the girl to himself.
The nearest hemisphere, it was two hundred paces. The visitors went around her right and, already at close range, were able to examine the area and the entrances to the other hemisphere.
Varh pointed to one that was right.
- On the side is delicious smell, probably there's a lot of horny - and Varh again involuntarily swallowed.
- Hush! Someone's coming.
Due to the far side of the right hemisphere was heard indistinct grinding, and then to add to it creak dimensional long unlubricated wheels. Soon showed themselves troublemakers. This was the subject of pushing ahead of itself a small cart loaded with some jars with yellow spots on the sides and even some household goods. And it was accompanied by a lady with a thin twisted horns, and gaunt, but shabby tail, though, apparently it is not embarrassed.
Varh all fidgeted in place, but Yulti hold it by the wing.
- Hush-a-c ...
couple, something sweet cooing, disappeared in the aisle right hemisphere. Eyes Varha sparkled like the hound before the hunt, and he leaned forward.
- Let's look?
- Only carefully ...
In an instant they crossed the road segment between the hemispheres, and were the entrance to the "restaurant". Door because it did not, but its excellent substitute for a thick and impenetrable darkness of the opening, so that even the floor was visible inside just for a couple of millimeters.
- Strange pass ... - thought Varh and, burning with impatience, slipped into the darkness of his big floppy eared head.
A few seconds later he pulled her back.
- There is light and there are some design, but the horns do not see - he said, and took the girl's hand, strode resolutely into the darkness.
Inside the dome was quite roomy, and the soft glow of a plastic similar to wax, the ceiling, only reinforces this impression. Center of the ceiling vault of the hemisphere, the long and delicate drop gradually coming down, and at a height of three meters, ended in a big transparent ball, which quickly spun wide disk of dark shiny metal. But unlike the cylinder on the ship, he was firmly fixed and are not turned in a three-dimensional coordinate system. Its beam is easily pierced with the glass, and passing through a large hole in the mirrored disk on the floor, quietly hissing disappeared without a trace in a water body of the planet.
Poglazev on the ball with Varh Yulti went to a large metal cube against the far wall of the hemisphere. Inside it, there was a platform lift and the entrance to the stairs leading down, apparently for the rare fans of walking. But in this situation, this type of descent had its advantages. Closed ladder bumpers, at least partially protected walking on it from unnecessary prying eyes. Suddenly, there was a quiet rumble of the motor and the platform went down. Varh quickly shut the door and the cube together with the girl hid behind a corner in the partition of the hemisphere. The door opened and two otkormyshey, sweeping the floor tails, heavy shuffling gait, went to the door.
But once they were outside, our researchers have again jumped in and, hiding behind high bumpers, wider openings for stairs zasnovali down the road looking around their premises. It was a wide corridor with a height of five-story house, a ring extending around the perimeter of a giant parent hemisphere. And because its walls were thickly entwined with plants, it was more like a road cut through the jungle, where someone forgot to boxes, crates, and standing alone screens with remote control and some other equipment. But the owners of all these things could not see.
- There's someone there - have Varh the side panel on the left.
And then, as if to confirm his words, because he went horny cameraman and went to the pile of boxes standing a bit further. Using the moment Varh quickly overcame the open space and slipped into the thick undergrowth, then, repeated his feat Yulti. Now, they were provided with excellent shelter. Although, admittedly, it greatly restricted their movement speed, as the wall of the plant was very thick and the thickest of its vines, the hardness a little inferior to iron ...
- see what is there? - Suggested Varh, peering deep into the undergrowth.
- Do not rush, and then in the forest and get lost for long.
- Well, - he answered, writhing like a snake, crawled forward.
Yulti moved trace. Meters through five jungle ended, and they clung to the glass, an invisible line separates them from the teeming life of the underwater world of the planet. Penetrating light on top, quickly went into depth and light a bright green beacon lights hit him in the way of jellyfish. A flat silvery fish flashing mirror sideways and looked at Varha as if he was sitting in the cage, and she sailed to the zoo to look at different alien prodigy.
- That's it, just look at me and your people.
- So you also to them ... Look, look!
far forward, gracefully twisting, floating a large animal with a long serpentine body and a broad flattened head. Creature, lazily looked around at the sides and all around showing their sharp teeth translucent. But, without seeing anything edible, swerved toward the muzzle and proudly walked away.
- I wonder whether it has the ocean bottom? - To no turning, "said Varh.
no answer. But it seems that Yulti at this time, asking myself the same question.
- circuit - she suggested - let's see what else interesting.
little consultation, they are, if you could call it that, moved diagonally to the right. Beating feet seventy, they again found themselves at the edge of thickets. Now, in front of them was remote from the screen, which they previously did not notice due to obstruct the stairs. And judging by the fact that interest in him Varh not shown, for him there was nobody.
- I look at the remote and once before - told Yulti - until there is no one ...
- Let's just fast! I'll wait here.
Yulti delicately squeezed between the iron vines and creepers, stretching stiff joints, pulled up sweet.
- Well, - he thought Varh, but before he could enjoy the view, as the girl was already at the screen.
is displayed on the flying ships, stars and planet-drop, with a giant half-sphere on its surface. But strangely, at the other end, there were still several hemispheres. Three identical, located on the tops of an imaginary equilateral triangle, and the fourth and largest of them was in his heart. But most surprising was the fact that they swam in the water ... upside down, and the plane of their bases, was sent to the Center of the Universe!
- something it reminds me - thought Yulti, but its the thought slipped away as quickly as it had appeared.
And on top of that, the trajectory of the water of the planet had no relation to the trajectory of an ordinary celestial body around a white star. And the star maps scaled-down, she just passed on a straight line from the center of the universe toward its suburbs, and very similar path wormhole, thousands of which are absent in their places of stars, planets and black holes ... Around each of these objects, the planet briefly delayed, then quickly moves to the next, who met on her way to the obstacle.
- strange it all ... - Yulti thought, trying to understand the universal language of formulas ...
And what happened? If she understood everything correctly, it turns out that as each new obstacle to overcome, the structure of water molecules of the planet was subjected to a qualitative change in the type of substitution of hydrogen atoms of tritium and turning ordinary water into super ...
- Planet-bomb? But who needs it? .. - Asked myself Yulti, but a clear answer from her was not. - Probably, there is their scientific basis ... But be that as it may be, but we're stuck here in any case - she suggested, and saw suddenly appeared out of the boxes cattle, quickly returned to the bush.
But it was too late ... Extremely surprised, horned something under his breath rasped and identifying considerable zeal, quickly ran to the bush. He tried to move them to climb, but just stuck and not having time to grab the girl. But Varh was ready, and did not refuse such a delicious treat. After that, around again there was silence.
- where good food and easy to hide in the bush ... Here you can live! - Excitedly whispered Varh.
- But I'm not from a tribe of cannibals ..., - smiled grimly Yulti.
- So it's not the people - he laughed, and keeping away from the edge of thickets, moved along the corridor to explore its plan and find something more interesting, so if they are to stay here.
not to say that the movement of them were given very easily, but still over two hours journey, they passed about two hundred meters and could something to consider. As they have guessed, the outer diameter of the corridor is exactly the same bend of the contour of a giant hemisphere, and the inner, periodically interrupted, green corridor narrower went somewhere deep in the direction of the center of the hemisphere, but it was too interesting.
And so, consultation, they chose a convenient time, when the corridor was empty, and quickly ran to the other side. And soon, they reached a narrow green corridor leading to the center.
first pass went straight, but within ten feet, turned left and opened the gaze of our conquerors of the jungle is spacious and bright room, from which branches off to the right even more narrow corridor. In addition, the change here and kind of vegetation, and no longer have those hard metal barrels that used to be. But the green foliage was still the same thick, and allowed no harm to their health good rest, and at the same time and look around.
Almost at the end of the hall, stood a small table with a remote control, and behind him sat a very thin type, not at all similar to those individuals whom they have seen so far. He was unusually tall and prominent forehead, and a lot of green horns, thick palisade covered his entire head, with three of them were right in the forehead and ends with a big violet eyes.
- This, I have not seen - fastidiously wincing, whispered Varh, moving closer to the girl.
- I think he sees not only the volume but also something more. On this form, we view it is not known - whispered Yulti a furry ear Varha.
A mnogorogy meanwhile, sat quietly in a narrow high-backed chair, watching, and never three-dimensional image that hung in the air. His long, thin fingers ran quickly on the keyboard, and bare three-toed feet, for some unknown reason, fought off some clock.
- Something I do not want it, it was too bland in his scent, just like from you, - and quipped Varh stayed, pleased with himself.
- You want to say that we are similar?
- Oh, no. Simply wicked always tastier, but this is probably a smart, albeit ugly ... And it seems that he has no tail.
- That's right ... - Yulti giggled, but then caught herself and covered her mouth with his hand.
- Come closer, suggested Varh and seeing the girls nod, silently climbed the perimeter of the room along the woodlands, more and more studded with bright large flowers, the aroma of which, the air was extremely fresh and the mind is filled with clarity and great speed of thought.
- That would be such plants in our library - a dreamy thought Yulti and, not knowing Why, put in his pocket a box of dried seeds.
Suddenly Varh Yulti bent his head to the shelter, and the room immediately went three thugs, but mnogorogy did not pay any attention to them and continued to do his job.
- I think he is very smart - thought Varh and wistfully looked at the reviews. - Ah, if not Yulti, so he would frolic finally ...
One approached, active gestures, signs of thick fingers drew the attention of three-eyed. He was distracted from work and made a wry menacing mine, if you could call it that, and his horns began to quickly change the color, match for those bright colors that were in the bush, where lurk our observers. Seeing this, the guests anxiously stood at attention, and not gritted word instantly withdrew.
- Perhaps it is a big shot - Varh said quietly, leaning over to the girl.
- Yes ... he was deaf - do not worry too much about security, said Yulti.
And then, as if he heard these words, mnogorogy got up and walked to the green wall where our hiding aliens. Varh immediately responded and immediately shut the girl wing, disguising it among the plants. But it seems to have been superfluous. Pandit, stupidly staring at the touch has found a large green fruit, and disrupt it, went back behind the console.
- Since he is also blind ... - sehidnichal Varh and, snatching another fetus, and gave him hungry Yulti.
- smells of orange - she said, and nibbled a little piece of ...
- Well, how?
- Strange fruit ... Inside the green, but tastes like an orange, and even sweeter - and she whispered, with an expression of bliss on his face began over a meal.
After resting for ten minutes, they climbed deep into extraterrestrial greenhouses to see what's next, and thirty feet, buried in the same glass wall that separated them from the underwater world on the other side of the corridor.
But look here, was on that ... Six blue rays of the balls hemispheres, with long bright spokes pierced clean water, and, mingling far down to one point, reflected back, becoming a powerful blue column of light, from contact with which the water seemed to boil over its entire surface. Above it is something light, but because of the brightness of the light flux, see something more, it was impossible.
- What is it? - Staring wide-eyed at the majesty of the rays, involuntarily uttered Yulti.
- I do not know. This I'm on your planet have not seen, although we also have the science to the mark - with flashing blue sheen in her eyes, said Varh.
- Interesting design ... - mused Yulti. - I think I understand! Portrait of the on-screen control panel - a destination the ship, and a yellow triangle - the command to start the specified routes. And there were manga!
funny expression Varha Long-eared faces, lit up something like a smile, and his eyes flashed a spark of hope.
- On the ship!
It seems that this guess, had contributed to the sense of their continued existence, and they who chose the top, famously ran up to his ship. Varh easily found once again in sight of the image manga, and without hesitation pulled the trigger. Corridor with a hiss rose from the ground and took his usual place. The ship rocked slightly. A few seconds later, a giant purple hemisphere of the planet - a drop remained far below. Bright Star quickly withdrew, and after the transition to hypervelocity, with the portholes became dark again.
Since then, as Varh and Yulti were in a foreign lab, it took several hours, and Yulti noticeably tired. She unconsciously leaned on the soft wing Varha and dozed off, and he indulged in memories.
After twenty minutes of flight, behind a glass window of the star appeared again. One of them grew rapidly in size and soon became a big white star, generously fully experience the warmth and light planet with endless green mountains and blue oceans. Their ship slowed down and began to decline toward the ocean. Soon, the windows become visible ripples on its surface, and the terrain is very suggestive of a neighborhood Uaytlanda.
ship touched the water gently and quietly went in depth. A minute later he swayed slightly, and heard the dull hum of the drive pop-up hatch. First, as always, looked out Varh. A huge cave in the lake which sailed their ship, looked exactly the same as the one where they have already visited. Similar bridges and railway platform, but not a living soul. Varh gave the girl a wing and helped her get out.
Inspection cave took about ten minutes, but he did not give anything useful, since the output in the usual for this place they found a metal door on the right wall to open failed. Other way out of the caves was not ...
- What do we do? - Asked Yulti, and looked at Varha that thinking about what that looked at the water.
Finally he looked at the girl.
- Many times I've seen your people swim in the ocean. You know how to swim and dive, and therefore, we should go - and he pointed inside look at the glowing lake.
Yulti nodded.
- I've learned to podnyrnut under a rock. And you know how to swim?
- Yes, I like it, and especially diving. I have great light and I can stay under water for a long time, but without much load, I float like a bubble.
- I could be you instead of stone, mirthless laugh Yulti. But I do not know whether I can hold your breath for a long time, and besides, I can not swim.
- If anything, I'll share with you the air - assured her Varh and headed to the lake.
During this long and eventful day, Yulti already tired, and embark on a new path, she did not like. But the choice she still was not, of course, except for the option to die in this vast tomb of hunger.
They went to the lake to the left of the ship, and long stood on its edge, admiring the sunbeams, carelessly ran over the smooth sandy bottom. Then Varh breath and jumped into the water.
- How to go down, tight clutching at my legs and keeps well for them all the time, as we under water - said Varh and More several times noisy breath, filling the blood of excess oxygen.
Suddenly Yulti and stumbled, losing balance, gracefully plopped into the water. And as a proof that she really can not swim, clumsily struggling under the water went down ... Varh without hesitation dived after him, but the supply of air in the lungs, immediately threw it to the surface. Then he grabbed a big boulder, and with him went to the bottom, quickly catching up with the helpless girl. Finally, he grabbed her by the collar and let the stone.
Fortunately, swallowed water, she did not have time, so after three minutes was ready for the next dive trips. Varh again breathed deeply and actively earning their wings, dark green torpedo raced to the bottom. He quickly reached the bottom of the cliff and slipped under it, immediately rushed upstairs. For all it took twenty seconds. This pryti, Varh from himself did not expect, perhaps, made itself felt excessively hearty meal.
first, popped to the surface Varh, and behind him, resplendent with luxurious hair, girl. When they reached the shore, Varh shook, so much so that the spray and spray flew away to the side. Yulti closed with a laugh from his hands, but it did not save her. Varh giggling and looking at clothes stuck girls involuntarily staring at her slender figure.
- But my Sinha, still was better - he concluded.
Then, they climbed a small hill and went into the village Varha. The whole area is exactly the same Uaytland. She was here and his own alley, but it does not grow on pine trees, and wonderful, pleasing to the eye, umbrella trees, with fluffy pale pink flowers scattered throughout their green surface.
So they walked and walked along the path, but the closer they came to the village, the greater concern covered Varha. And besides, they still have not met yet no manga.
But around loudly and happily chattered grasshoppers and snakes basking in the sun, barely seeing unexpected guests, he immediately hid in the grass.
Soon they reached the outskirts of the river valley, overgrown with thick vegetation and Varh, burning with impatience, and ran up the path toward a plateau, where his village. A Yulti at this time, there was like an excursion, carefully examining the unseen plants. Suddenly she screamed and jumped to the side.
- This is a gaggle - Varh comforted her and took the rat in his hands.
And she, like a faithful dog who had not seen the owner a hundred years old, happily squealed and wriggled her big and graceful body, began to sniff it, tychas wet nose in the dark green wool.
- It's the neighbor's flock, and he recognized me!
Yulti cautiously approached Varhu.
- They live so long?
- Yes, on average, two hundred years, and most of them, be faithful to his master even after his death, not rejoicing in life, and more to no one walking in his hands. They go to the cemetery and the grave owner waiting for an hour of his death by refusing food and drink. His mistress was named Sinha. We had been friends and often dreamed of that when growing up, then we too are children. But fate had a different way.
Five minutes later, the eyes of our travelers a picture of, from which the veins Varha congealed blood, and imagination began to paint pictures of the other one worse. Scorched earth around the holes, a large black spot was on the site of their former, immersed in the colors of the village.
- But if a flock Sinha goes into his arms, then maybe ...
He rushed to her lair, and issued out a cry of joy at what has only been able to!
God forgive me, a generous reader, for skipping a touching scene of the meeting Varha and had lost all hope for her Sinha, for the words it does not express it. After that, they have long viewed each other's eyes and something like a bird food. Varh finally raised his head and eyes filled with tears of happiness, looked at Yulti.
- Sinha said that almost the entire continent was taken horned livestock, and of those who are not obeyed, they were destroyed. She is survived by sheer luck, once during a pogrom in our with her secret cave, where we spent a lot of time together. But now, she is very weak and has no forces on the hunt. The last time she was fed over a week ago ...
girl revived.
- then we need to return to the big drop! There Sinha able to eat well and quickly restore power.
Varh looked at the girl.
- But there's no food for you ... and Sinha will not be able to reach the ship.
Yulti looked from Sinha on Varha and confidently said:
- I'll help you.
Varh helped his girlfriend get out of the hole, but go for it almost could not, let alone fly, the more so. Therefore Yulti has a weak and emaciated body Sinha in his arms, and easily carried it to the ship. Gaggle had come with them followed. Along the way, Varh anxiously flew around, but then suddenly went away. Five minutes later he returned, holding in the paws of a branch with large ripe pears.
- This is for you, "he said Yulti and put it in front of her his load.
- Thank you sir, it's quite the way - blissfully, squinting with delight, and flicking the fingers bryznuvshy juice, she said.
Here you can live well and after the trip, I thought Yulti, enjoying the sweet juicy fruit. But time is running out, and we had to hurry, yet died Sinha - last in the beautiful half of the mango. And in five minutes, Yulti with new forces moved on. A Sinha meanwhile, something weak squeak reported Varhu.
- There's a mountain - have Varh right, Sinha saw many traces leading into a large cave. She did horny and took back all the mangoes from our village.
- then go there - glad Yulti - because there our ship, and Sinha can not dive.
Soon the group, accompanied by the omnipresent gaggle, reached a small cliff at the foot of which was made a great pass. Through him, the girl with Sinha on his hands went inside, but after the turn was completely dark, and she stopped. Then Varh, something whistled a flock, and he nervously ran ahead, sticking his long glowing language. And although his lighting was not too bright, but that was at least something, and we could move forward without the risk of stumbling on an obstacle or fall into the pit. Soon they reached the fork, leaving from the main corridor to the left. Yulti craned her neck, trying to see what is ahead, but saw nothing.
- We must see what is there. Gaggle, a light!
and rats, though understanding that is required of her, ran forward. A hundred steps, the corridor became wider and our researchers discovered what appeared to be an abandoned warehouse. Varh opened one of the boxes and saw in it a device resembling a large beetle with long antennae Lumberjack - antennas and the indicator across the broad back. The remaining boxes were empty. Not finding anything more interesting and catching a beetle as a trophy, the group went further. Soon, the group reached the other door, leading into a large cave room, with their ship.
Once in place, Yulti established on-screen portrait of the cattle, and do not hesitate to hit the yellow triangle.
- In the good way - she said, and sat in a chair next to Sinha.
Varh perched beside him. He kept all the way to his beloved's hand and did not take his eyes off her. And just have fun flock did not know the rest. He playfully twirling all under his feet and loudly squeaked until Yulti got to his hands. Then he sniffed at it with his wet nose, and finally perched on her lap.
- get close to the water planet - broke the silence Varh.
Landing, as always, took place without problems. All the other ships were still in their seats and ramps have been raised.
- Sinha stays here, and I'll follow the game - said Varh and headed for the exit.
Yulti rose too. She unhesitatingly took the weapon that fell from the hands of cattle with a wry grin.
- If anything, I will insure.
- But there is dangerous - Varh said.
- Yes what a difference now ...
Corridor gently lowered to the ground, and our hunters went to the door of the "restaurant". Coming closer, they heard a loud noise is fun and goofy gnashing of drunken horny fraternity. Suddenly, the noise increased, and one does not lean instance, showering someone inside a rusty cursing through an open passage of the hemisphere fell out.
Varh, took a position on the left, not long to wait ... Followed, there were two more, but they suffered the same fate. Then, slowly, came fourth, and again took his Varh. Yulti only manage to cover their ears.
- Order! Now I have a large supply of food. Come aboard the ship.
Boat Varh Sinha shared with white mist, and it became a bit more cheerful.
- Now Sinha need to rest, - said Varh and gently looked toward the beloved, something like a bird squeaked.
Ta nodded.
- Well, now the home? - Asked Yulti.
- yet. Wait for me here. I'll be back - briefly thought, replied Varh and headed for the exit.
- Where are you?
- Check for other hemisphere, perhaps, find mangoes.
- I'm with you!
- No, do not you risk your life. In case of danger, I can fly, but you can not run away from them. Better wait for me here and twenty minutes later be ready for takeoff.
He looked again at the door, behind which lay Sinha.
- If anything, they fly away. Take care of yourself ...
With these words Varh turned sharply and made two test jumps, checked the lift of the wings. Then he waved them strongly, and flew. Climb twenty meters, Varh silently planned and was again in welcoming buffet for hungry mango.
- What to do, how to help Varhu in case of emergency? - Could not find a place Yulti - Go after him with guns? But then, Sinha will remain in the open boat with no protection. Okay, I'll wait for him at the gangway - she thought and went inside the ship for weapons.
Meanwhile, our intelligence has stuck its nose into the blackness of the doorway and gently dipped into her green big floppy eared head. Inside, this hemisphere did not differ from their own, except a few empty cells to the right of the entrance. Varh picked up an empty glass jar, and going to the ball with a rotating disk, cast glass in the beam illuminated the water. Once under its beam, glass brightly lit and before reaching the water disappeared.
- a funny thing ...
Make sure that the remaining four hemispheres, too empty, Varh toward the center. But it turned out that it differed from the others not only in appearance. Her inner glass bowl was so huge that a hemisphere fits only its upper half and the entire lower part was immersed in a water body of the planet. In this case, inside it was still shiny metal ball. He has an incredibly high speed rotate along its vertical axis and the whole was covered with soft and translucent purple haze, and draws the eye.
It was something ... But it turns out that off the ball was hard to tear not only the look. The massive metal sphere rotated at a speed that created around a powerful gravity . And in the twinkling of an eye Varh was firmly drawn to conceal the ball glass containment. It was like how magnet attracts a piece of iron. Now Varh was securely fixed to its surface and could not even move ...
Realizing this, Varh attempted to push off from the glass into the aisle, but it had not happened. And besides, with every movement, his soft membranous wings dealt more and more attracted to the glass throughout its surface.
- That's got involved, and moreover, the second time that day - sadly thought Varh, speculate about the reaction to it horny masters.
Meanwhile, Yulti saw Varh penetrated into one of the passages of the central hemisphere, and it has already begun to bother him for a long absence. Finally she broke down and, looking round, ran through the desert area of ??the hemisphere. Peering inside, she saw Varha that with a scowl hugging a huge glass bowl, and could not part with it.
- Why did you not go out? Because I told you ...
- Without you I'm not leaving! - With difficulty restraining laughter, she said.
Initially, Yulti tried to tear off the glass left wing Varha. But its area was too large and it did not work. Then she went to the path of least resistance, and pulled the end of the wing close to the body Varha, picking his ear in an accordion. And she did it! After the same operation with the other wing, Yulti Varha gathered in his arms, and tightly clenched it in his arms, he certainly liked it, one foot was able to push off from the glass. After that, the girl is not giving wings Varha deal, pushed him out.
- I wanted to fly, but now barely walk - he laughed Varh, barely moving the foot from fatigue - but you, I still disobeyed!
- Please generously forgive me, sir, - she smiled slyly girl - but I could not afford to Sinha again left alone, and besides, I do not know where you grow those sweet pears. ..
Varh taken seriously, and taking off from Long-eared mask faces mock severity, and smiled.
When they had almost reached his ship, Varh pricked up his ears and cocked his nose, looked at a giant hole in the hemisphere over their heads. The girl looked back and saw the same big blue spaceship, which descended to the ground nearby. She quickened her pace, but tired Varh immediately behind. Then Yulti ran to the gangway of his ship and, covering an entrance, took a gun at the ready.
Trap neighbors hissed menacingly in and out rolled a small ball shaped with sharp brown fat horns and a long tail bullish, dragging behind him. Seeing a girl and Varha, the bun was taken aback, but immediately regained consciousness and something grated inside the ship. He then small steps to zasemenil Yulti. From the top down six more, and something ominously shouting followed.
choice in Yulti was not, and she pulled the trigger. There was a loud whistle, then cotton, and the bun into a point. Those that followed him off. But then there was another whistle, and the next caudate soldier broke into pieces!
- Who's still shooting?! - Raised his eyebrows Yulti, looking around.
And then the sky, as they are showered with a cornucopia of asteroids, one after the other typing otkormyshey horned into the ground. They rushed back, and with Yulti Varhom jumped into his ship, the hull is like rain, already hard drumming small fragments. Wasting no time in vain, Varh, quickly found an image manga and raised his hand already on a yellow triangle, when suddenly ... a strong blow to the sliding body shook the whole ship, so much so that Varh barely restrained in a chair, missing, struck his hand on screen.
- What Happens!
Everything suddenly jumped up and ran to the porthole, followed by a roar and a fierce hiss, dug into the ground all the larger asteroids. Drive the closing of the giant dome desperately hummed and began slowly opening to close.
Not wanting to tempt fate, Varh lightning darted to the desk and pulled the trigger. The ship slipped away, and dodging the largest fragments, rushed up. But the next moment, choosing among the three direct hits and one tangent, the autopilot prefer the latter. The ship shook, snapped to the side, and he crashed into one of the beams of the actuator closing the dome. One end broken away, and under its own weight, and even asteroids bombarded the top, and began to descend, a monstrous metal lever breaking the second attachment. Finally, it also broke down and come off multi-ton beam, twice turning over the air, pleased with one end to the center of a crystal ball, and after him breaking spire pierced the hemisphere ...
the consequent explosion instantly engulfed thousands of stars, and with them the little yellow boat, but our travelers, almost deafened by the noise crumbling ship asteroids, this had not already seen.

Chapter 5. In the trap.

- Where is the light?
- We'll find a lantern, - was heard in the dark, halting voice, followed by, heard the rustle of hands on the ground.
- There he is! - Joyfully exclaimed Nick, and sent a bright ray on the arm of Alex, and then to an empty hole where you just lay cu.
Alex brushed the dust from his clothes.
- thunder, just like in my laboratory as soon not deaf ...
- Now I understand you - confirmed Nick - but Zhivult again at home.
- probably did not even dreamed of such. Interestingly, while it also jolted or escaped with slight shock?
- Check it out.
- Well, it's not me and well here.
A little chat and finally came to himself, our saviors stray bats, we decided to move back. But before leaving, Alex found a suitable boulder and pushed it into the hole of stone pipes, so no more living creatures could not climb it, get stuck and die.
Then he turned to Nick.
- And where did the reptile?
He shined in the direction of the stones on the right. Behind them lay a few large, gray-yellow eggs, but only one of them was an empty crumbling shell. Apparently the warm room was the perfect incubator for the masonry.
- Judging by the size of eggs, they could postpone the individual size of an elephant - thought aloud Alex
- What is an elephant?
- No time to explain. We must get out of here, and the sooner the better.
lost no time in vain, Alex took Nick a lantern, and gave him the deposit of its scrap. Five minutes later, they were already on the rise, where the cheerful circumstances of his jeans, shorts, unlike Nike, remained intact.
Suddenly he heard the sound of metal and the thud of a falling body. Turning, he saw Nick, who guiltily, smiling, rubbing his bruised ribs.
- The nose is not broken? - Asked Alex - peering into a deep rock crevice, in which Nick had dropped their precious scrap.
- No, everything is fine, except that scrap ...
After a narrow passage they waited for a big surprise. Stone, obviously shaken during the explosion, tightly tucked pass.
Alex pull their socks up, pushing the stone, but he resisted. Nick joined, but the stone did not stir. Ten minutes, they fought in it, like the green fly in the laboratory window. Finally they are exhausted and sat down to rest. The passage was securely closed.
- Nick, you, what more you want to die of hunger here, or to feed a dinosaur in a cave?
- die of starvation I do not want - simple answer, Nick, and what we feed a dinosaur in a cave?
- That's laugh - laughed Alex. - We are going to eat it, if he would get.
Easy Nick in this situation, provided it is clearly a disservice, but who bear it, too, could not know.
- Well, the exit is closed and to call for help is useless. It remains to look the other way. Come on, - "Alex said, and once again climbed into the hole.
At this time, the experience in getting your bruises and bumps did his good deed. Doubling the care they arrived without incident until the hourglass. View them was a matter of three seconds, but then what? From left to a dead end, and the right unknown. And then Alex remembered that at his disposal is not only a good flashlight, and encyclopedia. He turned on the screen and painted it baby reptiles, which he pulled out of the tube.
"plesiosaur" inscription appeared on the screen.
- I wonder what he eats and where he lives? - Alex asked Nick, who was sitting on a rock and prevoznemogaya fatigue blankly staring at the monitor.
- Look in the encyclopedia, - he said, and leaned back against the cold rough wall.
Seeing "eat fish," Alex sighed with relief, although the fish could easily be larger than themselves. Given this fact, it was impossible to one hundred per cent, to exclude the likelihood that extraterrestrial creatures, creeping past them, not give a bite to eat human flesh, taking them for a fish with hands and feet. Ask the opinion of Nike, now made no sense. He was tired so that he seems to be no longer care who, where and when to eat it.
- "By land, moves on all fours at a rate of one - three miles an hour." - Read on Alex. - Well, if there is a chance to escape - he mused aloud, looking at razmyakshego Nick.
- Okay, ten minutes rest, and then in a way - loudly resonating beneath the arches, a voice of Alex. Nick
a forced smiled back and closed his eyes. Alex once again turned on the lamp and sat down.
- Tell me, Alex, as you yourself found on our planet? - Without opening his eyes and sluggish, moving his lips, he asked Nick.
- I spent a scientific experiment according to their theory, but then something went wrong, and here I am.
- And what are your theories? - Do not let up, began to revive Nick.
- Look, - said Alex.
He lifted a heavy stone, and abruptly swung and hurled it into the far wall. A stone whizzed through the air and from the powerful blow shattered into small pieces. Nick made an intelligent face and smiled stupidly.
- probably did not understand - thought Alex.
- meaning that I converted the energy into motion, but then the energy of the moving stone formed with the energy of a stationary wall, and it again was enough to move, but the fragments of stone.
- This is what this energy is the wall? - Nick surprised.
- The energy of internal motion of electrons in an atom, the atoms in the lattice, and so on. After all, if it were not for this internal motion, then the wall would have no mass, no structure, no inertia. In the end, there would have been against the wall.
- Yes, the walls would not have been, but what does it have energy? - Nick began again.
- Any two bodies in space, for example, the planet and the stone will always be attracted to each other, a rate that depends only on their mass, gravitational mass, their gravity! Caught? And it depends only on the same internal motion. Well?
- As the gravitational mass? - Nick did not let up. Weight is one thing, gravity is something else.
- An object which has no mass, would not have gravity, you agree? - Sitting in front of and looking into the eyes of Nick, he asked Alex.
- Yes, but then there will not be the object itself!
- No, I will! And how about ball lightning? It is air, weightless, and it has no inertia. She can fly down and up and she can not fall like a stone on the ground, obeying its gravity.
- Yes, but what you are behaving?
- And the fact that everything around us, depends only on the rate of flow of time in space, but it always tends to some constant value. But any body, due to their consumption of energy, reduces its speed, thereby violating the universal harmony. Therefore, according to the law of affinity of the masses, all of the existing world, star and the cosmic bodies, tend to occupy the same amount of Universe , a close to the point size.
- And what do you mean? - Not quite penetrating the meaning of what was said, asked Nick revived.
- And what is gravity, like a faithful shepherd dog, ran to the district collects the sheep in one flock. And the most nimble individuals running from the center of mass with nearly the speed of light, very risk of being compressed to the size of its points. And all this only in order not to disrupt the smooth running of time flow. In other words, time and gravity firmly linked feedback and thereby maintain the global order.
Nick stunned looked at Alex, tolknuvshego abstruse question, but do not know what to say in response. But he looked already quite brisk.
- Okay, get out, still talk - Alex assured him, pushing the stone out of the hourglass out.
After that, they have leaked upward and moved down the right corridor. They walked slowly, constantly stopping and listening, but it was quiet.
- downright cave of tranquility - a joke Alex, and once again, listening in silence, stood like a setter dog in the rack.
After twenty minutes they walked down a small slope. During this time, they caught two niches in the walls, but they were shallow and not suitable for the salvation of the toothy jaws of long-necked reptile.
Soon they reached the fork. Passage, which leads to the left, just a few steps narrowed to the size of a fox hole, and it could hardly get through only a thin Nick. But send him to explore one was risky, because if he's stuck, he has no one able to help.
- I'd rather go down, decided to Alex, and they turned right.
Judging by the breeze, the air went from the bottom up. Realizing this, our little cave explorers to inspire and went faster. Soon they came upon a crack across the corridor. Width was no more than three feet, but here the depth ... Smooth walls for thousands of feet vertically went down, and rested on the end of the road far off the water. Is this level of the ocean, or simply an underground river was unknown, but in any case to get to it they could not.
- Diving will be? - Alex asked with a laugh.
- It's not water, but Vanadium , - his voice Nick.
After that, they are not hitting, then moved on. Meanwhile, the road went more steeply down and the stone walls of the corridor became increasingly come across the islands of mosses and lichens, whiling away their days in complete darkness.
- Did you hear? - Nick whispered.
- What?
- What a buzz, or the rustle of the front and there ... there's still light!
- Let's go forward - "Alex said, and they cautiously moved on.
Corridor swerved left and right. The illumination grew up and went on without a flashlight. Over the next corner cave expanded so that immediately turned into a huge hall. He was so great that under its arches could well fit the small town.
On the far side of the hall, they immediately noticed a bright point of exit and left of center, a lake of sea water in the form of a trapezoid, which could easily accommodate several large boats. On the sandy bottom of the lake reflects the sunlight and the bright spot played on the ceiling. But it struck him least of all ...
Twenty paces from them, head to the door lay a large plesiosaur. Its smooth and thick body, gently stirring, glistened and sparkled, and a long neck with a small head, neck, twined a reptile with a glowing belly.
- Is that a giant firefly? - Asked Alex.
- No ordinary plesiosaur.
- And why then he lit his belly?
- Because female body reacts to a nearby with her male, if he is her ideal. This is sort of the trigger of oocyte maturation. Maybe for her, this is the first and last chance to have offspring.
- Why?
- Yes, because again, they may never meet ...
- And how do you know how she is hungry? I would not want to serve her dinner.
- I think it is not up to us, "whispered Nick and losing caution, leaned on the unstable stone lying in front of him.
He staggered and with a loud roar rolled down the slope. Reptile immediately froze, and then abruptly pulling the neck, almost at point-blank look at our cavers. Those of surprise even sat down. While her mind was far away, seemed a little, but now it was the size of a bull!
The only thought that at this moment came to Alex in the head, it's the memories of female Karakurt, which for the eyes is also called "black widow". The thing that immediately after mating, she begins to feel hungry, and without thinking twice, eats her lover if he did not have time to get away in time.
- Come on!
jumping over the stones, they are faster than the wind rushed forward, and soon famously climbed the hillside cave hall to the exit. A minute later through a small passage jumped out Nick, the next was Alex.
- Alfie-and-and-and ... - that there are forces, he yelled with joy and an excess of emotion.
- It is far away and you can not hear - put its say Nick, who tried at this time to climb through thorny thickets of sarsaparilla in the center of which they climbed.
- Wait, no worries, I found the passage, - "Alex said, and climbed through a gap in the free thickets place.
Nick without undue persuasion followed.
- Tell me, Nick, and you have a girlfriend? - Alex asked, pulling up their shirts entangled thorny vine.
- None.
- and nobody will like it?
- Well, why is it, like it, but it was not mutual.
- And why you do depends on reciprocity?
- It happens only by the will of fate.
No sooner had Nick say before the end of the last word, as he stumbled on a stone and tearing to shreds right sleeve spines, fell awkwardly in the grass.
- Ouch!
- You're alive? - Barely holding back laughter, asked Alex.
- I think yes.
strange thing, but a torn sleeve and shorts, gave Nick a very different form and with the head of it were given an adventurer.
Alex looked around. The right of them, was a deep gorge with a fairly steep descent. And only a madman would be useful there, without risking begin to fall down, along with lining the slope of the stones. Next to the ocean road was not there either. Left to go over the mountain to the left, especially since according to calculations by Alex, on the same side of a city.
sun at that time began to bake and rising ever closer to the zenith. Shortly after a rest, the travelers climbed up. Forward Alex let Nick. It was made of those ideas that when he stumbled and went down, then Alex can stop him. But if Alex will not appear below, the entire enterprise for Nick, may end in failure.
Soon they came to the mountain ridge and began to decide what to do next. Go down a different track, meant to get on the same slope from which they had just left. Go up, too, did not make sense, since the ridge abruptly went away from the city. Left to go down.
Ten minutes later, when to water remained no more than a hundred paces, the descent was over and in front of them waiting for a big surprise, but, to be exact Dvadtsatimetrovy break from the water surface at the bottom. On the other hand, three miles left, the sun was shining blindingly white building of the library. Alex looked down and squinted slyly.
- Nick, can you fly?
- No ...
- A swim?
- Yes, well I'm holding on the water.
At the same moment Alex pushed him off a cliff, and he jumped after him, but slightly to the side so as not to splash down to Nick's head. The first, like a frog on the water plopped Nick, followed by, who managed to regroup Alex. Surfacing by helplessly floundering under the water Nick, Alex grabbed his collar and dragged him upstairs. After a few seconds, he began to think what has happened, desperately earned her hands and feet, and swam to the surface.
first thing I saw Alex after surfacing, it's bulging eyes of Nick and how he tries him to say something.
- Looks like the poor man does not know how to hold their breath - thought Alex and Nick pushed forward, and he swam to safety net there.
on the beach, they spread on the warm sand and blissfully squinting in the sun, long rest. Nick gradually ceased to tremble, his blue lips gained normal color, and he regained his gift to express themselves articulately.
- Why have you pushed me?
- Sam would not you jump, but another way is still not there.
- I've never jumped into the water from the tower, it likes to do just Thay. By the way, she told me a long time like this, but officially we are unfamiliar.
- Well, it's time in the way - has ordered Alex cheerful voice, and the first rose from the warm sand.
Nick reluctantly got up, and they headed toward the city.

Chapter 6. Fireflies Universe.

By the time our travelers got to the pine alley, their clothing is completely dry out. Nick all the way, did not cease, splashing outward flow of their impressions, but suddenly he stopped.
Alex take his eyes off the ocean and looked at Nick, who stared at the two girls walking towards them. Alfie was the left, and right, the girl he had seen before in a clothing store. Those going to the mall, and something fun chatting, watching the squirrels playing up.
- On the right is of Thay - quietly Nick said - and I'm in such a way ...
When to men remained for twenty paces, Alfie saw them, and smiling enigmatically, said something to his companion. Thay looked from sports protein in tatters Nick. His appearance must have in fact been unusual for chistyul these places. She looked at him, unable to look away his astonished eyes, but the shame, perhaps, was ready to sink into the ground.
When the distance between them reduced to five steps, Tay and not having to look away to the side, suddenly stepped on a large pine cone. Turned up her leg and she ohnuv flew straight ahead on the chest of Nick. One of the surprises, too, lost his balance and stepped back, stepped on another bump. Everything happened so suddenly that Alex did not even have time to hedge their comrade.
few seconds, Thay lay on top of Nick, out of breath from laughing and having no opportunity to rise. Finally, she made a feeble attempt to rise.
- Oh, I think I sprained my ankle - she said, still laughing, and sat on the track.
Nick sat down beside him and the whole company, once again laughed in unison. In the turmoil Alex quietly pushed Nick to the side, that he helped Thay rise. And when he did it, Alex has once again made it clear that it would not hurt to bring her home.
And now, tired as a workhorse Nick, grunted, and the last effort Teyu raised his arms. Pretty lame, he courageously carried the girl to the elevator car, parked among the pines from the ocean. Alex Alfie, entered it after him. Thay press the button with a picture of a seashell. The door of the mall was closed, but immediately began to open the door, which is located by the ocean.
Struck opened kind, Alex amazement even opened his mouth, and Nick, as if nothing had happened, carried Teyu of transparent underwater corridor to the front door, symbolically protected by sculptures of sea dragons.
Just a step away from Alex's growing branching corals, vibrant anemones and algae, among them, swam colorful fish. The sun's rays under the influence of small waves on top, slightly and gave the whole picture of a unique kind ... Nick
healthy foot pushed the door open and entered a large room, suffered his invaluable to wear a wide bed, framed by stalks of bamboo.
- Thank you sir, - said Thay sonorous voice, removing his hand from his neck, for which she confidently held the whole way.
ankle examined all together. It hurt a little and started to swell.
- Do you have a bandage or tape, Miss? - Asked Alex.
- Yes, sir, - and Tay pointed to one of the drawers in the chest of cedar, which was splashed inlaid image of cherry blossoms branch. Alex took out a blue ribbon of thin silk and put it in the hands of Nick.
- tie joints eight and tighter, slowly he advised, and himself with an indifferent kind of sat down.
Nick was busy for about five minutes, but still did what was required of him. Thay touched the joint, foot and moved her astonishment said:
- Oh, almost no pain - thanks sir.
- My name is Nick, Miss Tay.
- You know my name?
- Oh yeah, like you do not know ...
- Can a cup of sake on the occasion of dating? - Raised his eyebrows fluttering upward, said Tay. - Just a pity that in the mirror filled with bowls, you can not see the reflection of your earthly moon, Alex. But the drink itself, is fine ...
- The best tea - said Alex, looking forward to the contemplation of hitherto unseen mysteries of the tea ceremony.
Half an hour after tea, Nick, sitting in a bamboo chair, was surprised to find myself thinking about what Thay, so anything and did not tell him about the torn clothes and stripped of his cheeks, but on the contrary, was gracious with him, courteous, and very sweet.
- Yes - with a smile, he thought - the history of the cave and injuries cost to Thay fell onto his chest.
Alex at this time, watching Alfie in the chair opposite. At one point he looked at Teyu fed Nick regular meals, and corner of my eye noticed a bright color blouses on her stomach.
- How strange bleached by the sun of her clothes ... - he thought.
- Well, all the time has come. As of today we have more cases - Alfie said, turning to Alex.
He stood up and shook hands with Alfie, helping her up. Nick with a sense of wings behind him, too zasobiralsya.
- Where are you Nick? - Asked in surprise him Alfie, you on the street now can not be. You have your appearance will frighten all the protein.
They all laughed. Alex Nick waved his hand and pointed him in the eyes of a blooming Teyu. Then he opened the door and let Alfie to the exit.
- you, in what direction? - Alex asked with interest.
- I'm there - and Alfie pointed in the direction of the library.
- I think I'm starting to descend on her mind - thought Alex, catching sight of her large green eyes.
- I'll see you, Alfie, and then flying here all sorts of ...
They laughed and they went together, and at the top, above them, among the dense pine frolicked and played a young carefree proteins. They squeaked loudly and deftly leaping from branch to branch, fluffed elegant tails and showing people, their bright orange bellies.
- By the way, I live here, - said Alfie, and showed a side of a small medieval castle, with high stone walls and guard towers at the corners.
- Yes, the architectural taste of the lady's all right - thought Alex and looked at Alfie.
- nice home, probably within a warm and cozy?
- As in the nest - she smiled sweetly. - Want some coffee?
- Yes, I will not refuse ...
- Then let's go - and took Alex's arm, she turned toward the house.
track in a mini-castle, was framed by boxwood and arborvitae bushes, and closer to the entrance, dense thickets of blooming chrysanthemums. Alex took the doorknob, and pulled it over.
- The door opens inward, - said Alfie.
Then he pushed the door forward, and bowed his head, politely missed the girl forward.
Inside, everything was very simple. Walls made of gray stone, a smooth transition in the vault ceiling, beneath which, on the far wall of the left curled large rose bushes, and their thin and delicate petals, occasionally falling into the swimming pool is located nearby. On the left is a kitchen, but in the opposite corner of it, a large bed, the laid unpretentious veil.
the meantime, while inspecting the room, Alex, Alfie, expertly flitted around the kitchen, and soon, before it began to reach aroma of brewed coffee. Hospitable hostess, poured it into cups and serve, which has stood Flat dish with sugar, bread, meat and fruit bowl.
- And all this is called a "cup of coffee" - thought Alex and his appetite seemed to wake up.
He tried one, second, third, and came to only when the table has left almost no food.
- And what do you like doing in your spare time? - Quietly going on "you", said Alex.
- I read the scientific literature, books about nature, and sometimes paint a picture - Alfie replied and pointed to the image of a flower meadow with oak trees on the right wall.
Alex again involuntarily looked at her wrist ... and then at the picture, but could not understand, she was joking or serious. He long ago realized that people here are foreign envy and hypocrisy. This is their essence, and it does not depend on their well-being or lack of need to fight for a place under the sun. And the best way to communicate with them - naturally.
And then, as if guessing his thoughts, Alfie suddenly asked:
- Tell me Alex, you know, that children on this planet are born only of true love and other options do not exist?
- Yes, I read about it. But how do you know that met his true love?
- Female organism himself feels an affinity of souls. This can happen in eighteen years after the birth, and perhaps two hundred thousand. And no one knows in advance when this will happen. But there is one sure sign, which everyone knows except the people recently appeared on this planet.
Alex held his breath and his eyes fixed on Alfie, with interest cocked his head sideways.
- There he is!
Alfie slightly raised bottom edge of the blouse and showed Alex his gentle, slightly glowing tummy ...
- Wow-a-ah! - He cried.
Seeing the astonishment in his eyes frozen, Alfie laugh and a gentle voice said:
- It's fate, chance or coincidence, but either way, we met ...

Chapter 7. Beyond the edge of the universe.

- What we have today there is still the case? - Insinuating voice asked Alfie, trusting his head on his shoulder.
- Tell me about the balls.
- No balls?
- At the eleventh level of the library.
- Okay, but would be better if you see everything myself.
On the way to the library, Alex Alfie told about adventures in the cave.
- you did everything correctly. We have our own world, and in reptiles own, and our ways with no overlap.
- What happened on the plateau? - Asked Alex.
- After the cotton in the tube, zhivult disappeared. But here's what else is interesting ... After his disappearance, the missing girl, who looked after the rat in the museum, and she suddenly came out of a three-year slumber, and his cheerful disposition and friendliness, has charmed all employees.
Going to the library, they went downstairs and entered the hall with a silver ball.
- So, what exactly do not you understand? - Alfie asked, batting her long lashes.
- What a lovely she is - thought Alex.
- I wanted to clarify ... - he started from far away - I can not understand how the location of the balls.
- What is not clear?
- Why are receiving the ball is much lower than this? It is much easier it would be to put them together, and connect a short pipe.
- Not so simple. In order to set to work, must comply with three conditions. Firstly, between the spheres should be a distance three integer, fourteen one hundredth mile. Second, receiving the ball must be below a layer of vanadium. And third, the pipe must pass through the plane of the vanadium shield at an angle of thirty degrees.
- But why receiving the ball must be below the vanadium?
- better to see once than hear a hundred times, is not it? Come gather equipment - Alfie said, and pointedly with a smile, went to the shelves.
Five minutes later, Alex was all hung with some coils, carabiners and other mountaineering equipment.
- Where do we go?
- Return - and Alfie pointed to the door near the elevator.
In the same way, through the hardwood floor in the center of the room, went down a thick black tube. Behind the door was a long stone corridor.
- How long will we go?
- half an hour, and then descend.
Oddly, but instead of the elevator at the end of the corridor a huge gaping hole and deep down. Alfie caught carbines from the coils to the hooks in the ceiling, and the ends of ropes, a convenient and easy gazebo for each of them.
- depth of about four thousand feet, so after eight minutes, will be in place - she said, and squeezed the trigger.
Top crawled smooth walls, and far, far below, gleamed metallic bottom of the mine. A minute passed.
- Tell Alfie, why still so important to you, this layer of vanadium, and why receiving the ball must be below his level? - Burning with impatience to know the truth, Alex broke the silence.
- Vanadium layer - it is a natural metal screen, do not pass through a no electrical radiation, including news casts souls. But sometimes in the universe are born people who are different from their surroundings lack of greed, envy and malice. Kindness, honesty and integrity - their essence. In those worlds, they are strangers, but here they are inherently theirs. Therefore, obeying the law of affinity, their souls, no longer tied to the body, will themselves seek here, but they can not pass through Vanadium . But information about the soul is free to get into the antenna receiving the ball, and after passing a filter affinity for the thin ion beam will travel up the tube to the light source in the upper bowl. And then, STV Information matrix of the soul, just repeat the living organism at the age of full blossom.
Over the next fifteen weeks, the person becomes accustomed to new surroundings, and by the end of the sixth week, he was full of energy and is looking forward to the opportunity to engage in the work of the society.
- Incredibly, so I'm in Heaven?
- The concept of Paradise, one imagines, as can be, but here is a real life.
- What will happen to the souls of other people?
- We do not know. Maybe they will get to the planets correspond to their inner world, but it is possible that awaits them eternal cold and empty universe, where their souls will wander thousands or millions of years, not having access to the warm and cozy planets.
- Tell me Alex, do you believe in fate?
- Yes. People are together, love, or die is not a coincidence - surely he replied, looking at the smooth neck, Alfie and fine features of her face open.
Zasmotrevshis, he missed the moment of a smooth deceleration, and all of the loud roared onto a smooth reflective surface vanadium corridor. Judging by the laughter Alfie, it looked very funny.
- you do not hurt yourself? - She asked, slowly sinking to the floor.
- No, it's all right, ma'am.
- You are always so candidly looks at the girls Alex? Here, it is not done ...
- But the fact of her pleasant - he thought, and quickly got to his feet.
Leaving equipment, they've gone light in the corridor.
- Alfie - Alex did not let up - but if the antenna caught people's souls from other planets in the universe, as these souls, through the vanadium can get the ball to a receiver inside your planet?
- Outside, they are there and not fall. They are inside our planet.
- What is she talking about? - Alex thought ...
- I see - continued Alfie - that you, and you can not believe what I'm saying? Core of your planet - is molten metal and the core of our - it's your whole universe, Alex, with her incredibly huge mass. But due to the fact that the diameter of our planet is also very high, the force of gravity on it, approximately the same as that on your Earth.
Finally, they turned into a short corridor and entered a room the size of a stadium. And there is sky, under the brilliant arch, like a cherry on a long handle, showed off a big silver ball on the end of the black pipe. But the fact that Alex saw the feet below, beyond all his expectations. Through a completely transparent floor, he saw this night the starry sky ...
- It does not happen, the space inside the planet ... - he said softly, and sat on the floor, which is not seen.
- Yes, you see the core of our planet, but from him, separates us the most solid and transparent mineral in the nature of the thickness of millions of miles.
- Super ... - I think Alex, looking thoughtfully at the stars.
forty minutes later, when she and Alfie had already walked through the hall to the library door, they encountered a red-haired Maya.
- Have you heard the latest news from STV?
- No, I showed Alex the core of our planet. And what say?
- Recently in the universe there was a powerful supernova explosion. And yet, back missing Yulti and ... you do not even believe it - zhivult with his girlfriend and another rat. She's so fat, gay, and has all sniffed.
- That's news, Alex said thoughtfully, his face lit up - so it means it was fate zhivulta, even if he came here through the other door ... And my!
- Will the family of bats to get used to another menu, laughed, Alfie, and took Alex's arm, went with him to the exit, where the area was already a jubilant crowd on their successful exit from the cave and arrive on STV four new residents at a time.
about all this, the townspeople learned from the report of new announcers TEI and Nick. Thunderous applause, silenced for a while even the cries of sea gulls hovering over the water. Alex gently looked at Alfie, and then looked at the crowd, and suddenly the corner of his eye noticed that his high-rise apartments do not have in place. After the bridge stood the primeval forest, and there was even a hint of his home.
Alex looked helplessly at his companion.
- My house, it not?
Alfie he smiled slyly and said a soft voice:
- I think he do more and do not need - and slightly pulled him to his side.
They laughed gaily and holding hands, walked towards the castle.


Day was breaking. On the street merrily chirped first early bird, and beside an open window spread a divine scent of large tea roses.
without opening his eyes, Alex luxurious stretch, and wishing to prolong the pleasure of feeling closeness night tales, what can dream once in a lifetime, decided - even lie down a minute, clearly and suddenly felt close to my nose the smell of freshly brewed coffee .
Who in my room, can cook your own ...?
- your coffee, sir!
- Can not be!
Before him, in all its morning glory, smiling, standing dear to his heart, Alfie, and was holding a small bronze tray with a cup of coffee ...

Sergey Grigor, January, 2006.

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